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How to Write a Copyright Statement

how to write a copyright statement

Authors make clear their exclusive ownership rights in written works by writing a copyright statement. The statement announces the owner's exclusive rights to prevent unauthorized uses by others. An optional conditions-of-use statement describes the uses you permit to others. Internet works posted on webpages can have a copyright statement. Write a clear and concise straightforward statement.

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Copyright Notice Instructions

Write the copyright symbol "©," the letter "C" in a circle, or the word "Copyright," or its abbreviation "Copr." The characters "(C)" can substitute for the copyright symbol.

State the year you first published the work.

State the copyright owner's name, or an abbreviation a reader can use to recognize the name. You can also use a generally known designation for the owner.

Conditions of Use Statement Instructions

Decide the permitted uses, if any, you would like to describe to others in

a written statement. Assume that when you begin, you withhold all rights. Copyrights protect five kinds of rights: reproducing the work, using the work to make another work, distributing the work to the public, performing the work before the public and publicly displaying the work. Determine the specific permitted uses or permitted use categories you want to make clear to others. The statement describes any usage rights you are permitting to others. You can permit only certain uses or request that the owner apply for a license before they engage in certain uses of the work. Or you can state you withhold all rights.

Under the copyright notice, state the conditions of use. Concisely write the permitted uses. Unless you are making broad usage categories permitted, explicitly describe each use you permit. Cover all uses you do not want to keep exclusive.

Review the statement for coverage and concision.

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