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Put A Cap On Your Radiator Problems!!

Cap-A-Radiator in Farmingdale was opened in 1982 by Bill Carberry. Bill had been working at the Oceanside Cap-A-Radiator for a few years when the newest location was put in his hands. Cap-A-Radiator is a specialty automotive repair shop concentrating on radiators, heaters and air conditioning systems for cars and trucks.

While most repair shops will tell their customers that radiators cannot or should not be repaired, repairing radiators is the back-bone of our business. We offer an honest opinion as to whether or not it is cost effective to repair your radiator, even if it is a plastic tank radiator.

Heater core replacement is another part of our specialty. While others will sell you on a potentially costly heater core replacement right off the bat we will try to save you money by flushing a clogged heater core or correcting a control problem. If it does need to be replaced we are familiar with even the most complicated heater core replacements. In fact many local repair shops bring their customers cars to us to have the heater core replaced.

Air conditioning repair and service requires special tools and knowledge. Although the basic refrigeration systems are similar each auto manufacturer has their own unique way of operating the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning) system. A simple recharge is usually not the answer to getting you’re A/C cold again.

You can learn more about each of these topics and more on other pages on this site.

Bill moved his shop into its current location on Route 109 in Farmingdale in January of 1987 and has continued to grow the business and his reputation for quality work on both “regular” cars & trucks and classic vehicles. Already being an old car buff he took special care with any vintage

work that came into the shop but had to concentrate on the day to day late model stuff that paid the rent.

In 2000 while browsing thru a Hemmings Motor News on the way back from Spring Carlisle, Bill noticed that there was no one advertising the special service of recoring heater cores for classic and antique vehicles. This began the newest phase of growing his already successful business. Heater cores from all over the country now arrive via post office or the big brown truck to be recored and put back into like new condition. A national customer base is nice but Bill wanted a bigger piece of the classic car market on Long Island.

In 2007 Cap-A-Radiator became an authorized dealer for Vintage Air Products based in Texas. This company offers complete A/C systems for all types of classic cars & trucks. Bill has also secured a dealership with Griffin Radiator, US Radiator and Flex-A-Lite in order to satisfy the growing demand for good looking and efficient cooling system components.

Combining the traditional services that a radiator shop is known for with his passion for old cars has been his goal for the last few years. He now promotes his specialties of radiators, heater cores and air conditioning to the classic car enthusiasts all over Long Island more than ever. Whatever swap meets and car shows he cannot attend himself, he arranges to have his flyers and brochures distributed in one way or another. Bill wants all classic car owners, whether it be a street rod, stocker, muscle car or 50’s cruiser to know that he can help them with any problems they may have in the cooling and heating systems of their pride and joy as well as upgrading systems and components to make their cars of yesterday a pleasure to drive on today’s roads.

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