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How to Write a Great Thesis Statement

how to write a great thesis statement

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Why Do We Need a Thesis Statement?

When presented with an assignment needing a thesis statement one might find yourself pondering what a thesis statement is. A thesis . or thesis statement, is used to explain what the paper will present.

Thesis Statement Writing Help

The thesis will allow the reader to know and understand what the paper will be about. Normally a thesis statement is one sentence located in the introduction, or last sentence of the introduction, of the paper.

The thesis should be specific and only contain the main points and ideas being presented and backed up with refutable evidence. Most papers and essays need a thesis statement to allow the reader to quickly understand what the paper will be about while allowing the writer to tie together all of the specific details to one big idea. Follow our advice here to create a great thesis statement.

Tips on writing a Great Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is normally written in one sentence. Many writers find it difficult to create one sentence to encompass all of the ideas presented in the essay /paper. Here are a few helpful hints when trying to understand the question what is a thesis statement and how to write a great thesis statement.

  • Always remember to be specific when writing a thesis statement.
  • The thesis should include only the points being proven in the paper
  • Always connect the body paragraphs back to the thesis statement.
  • Proofread, proofread, and proofread! To ensure your thesis encompasses all of the main ideas of the paper you must proofread.
  • After proofreading the paper/essay you might need to rewrite or tweak the thesis statement to ensure the whole paper is brought together by said statement.

How to Write a Great Thesis Statement

To write a great thesis statement you must remember to include all points/topics being proven in the paper. The thesis statement should not become overly complicated and should be concluded in one sentence located in the introduction . Even the most seasoned writers find it hard to write their thesis statements when trying to write technical papers such as a dissertation and/or thesis.

It is easier and more efficient to write a rough draft of the statement and then add the finishing touches after the essay/dissertation/thesis has been completely written. The reason being many people start out proving points outlined in their plans and research, but add a few other points throughout the writing process. For this reason you will need to proofread and rewrite a number of times before the thesis statement is correct and accurately encompasses ALL points in the essay.


Happens When you Write a Bad Thesis Statement?

If a doctoral candidate were writing their dissertation and were unable to find the right combination of words, to form a great thesis statement, the results could be catastrophic. If there are points throughout the dissertation, not clearly stated in the thesis, whoever is reading the essay comments might be “what are you trying to prove?” Or “do you feel your paper is properly represented by the thesis that you have written?”

A bad thesis statement could have the doctoral candidate rewriting their entire dissertation or they could be denied their doctorate. The same idea applies for an essay with a bad thesis statement. The student writing the essay might be asked to rewrite the assignment or be given a mediocre grade. But worse of all the writer will not have been able to prove the point stated throughout the essay/dissertation.

What Makes an Outstanding Thesis Statement?

Many writers find it frustrating when learning how to write a thesis statement, but with a little practice and a lot of rewriting anyone can write and outstanding thesis. The main points of the dissertation or essay will be highlighted, but vague enough to encompass all of the smaller specific details addressed in the dissertation/essay.

If the topic were student-teacher relationships an outstanding thesis statement might be, Positive student-teacher relationships are created through bonds formed in the classroom, which will in turn create a motivation for the student to succeed. The thesis statement tells the reader that the essay will be about student-teacher relationships, how bonds are created in the classroom, and how the bonds and student-teacher relationships can motivate the student.

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