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How to Write a Mission Statement for Your Small Business

how to write a mission statement for a business

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Despite the fact that a mission statement is generally short and to the point (the average is one to three sentences), it can be very challenging to write. This is because an effective mission statement requires that you consider the who, what, how and why of your business, and then whittle it down into a bite-size statement.

The five steps below will walk you through the creation of your mission statement.

Step 1: State what your business does.

What does your business do? What do you make, provide, or sell?

Write it down, being as specific as possible about the products or services you provide.

Example: Sam's Design Studio creates and sells unique handmade decorative items for your home.

Step 2: Describe how you do what you do in your business.

Is there a unique way you create your business’s products or services? Is the process remarkable in some way? What goes into the creation of your products or services? Write it down.

Example: My products are created using welded metal. 

Step 3: Explain who you do it for.

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Why do you provide your products or services to them? What is special about your target audience? Include it in your statement.

Example: My ideal customer is an adventurous and fun person looking to add unique and meaningful custom art to his or her home that shows a little bit about who he or she is.


4: Identify why you do what you do.

Why does your business exist? Why have you chosen to service your specific target audience? What problem or problems are you solving? What value do you bring through your business?

Example: I love creating beautiful and unique physical art from a customer's idea and personality.

Step 5: Put it all together.

This step usually requires a little editing as you merge the statements you wrote together into one cohesive paragraph. Don't be afraid to change the order and wording so that your completed statement flows and captures the essence of your business.

Example: It is the mission Sam's Design Studio to create unique and meaningful custom art home decoration pieces made from welded metal. Our goal is to make a customer's idea come to life through the creation of an art piece that incorporates the customer's personality.

Now that you have a draft of your mission statement, it is time to get input from others within your business, or from a mentor or even a focus group. Running it by people who don’t know about your business is a good test to see if it strikes the chords you intended. It can also be very helpful to let your drafted mission statement rest for a day or two, then revisit it with a fresh perspective and more critical eye.

As you get started, read about common mission statement mistakes that you should try to avoid when writing your mission statement.

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