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How to write a personal statement for a job

how to write a personal statement for a job

Step 1

Read the personal statement prompt, if any. Some jobs may require that applicants summarise career accomplishments within the personal statement, while others may ask applicants to describe specific personality characteristics. Plan to address each element of the prompt in the personal statement.

Step 2

Do some soul-searching. Before taking pen to paper, brainstorm about specific accomplishments, goals or impressive life challenges. Think about what events or which people have shaped these experiences. Consider which experiences best define personal and professional goals to include in the personal statement.

Step 3

Know the field. Tailor the personal statement to reflect the specific requirements of the potential

job at hand. If applying for a medical position, for example, describe any related job experiences, classes, research or seminars in the medical field.

Step 4

Choose a compelling narrative. Personal statements for jobs work best when they include concrete examples that demonstrate ability. A single detailed, vibrant story better emphasises a candidate's desirability rather than pages filled with abstract, general statements.

Step 5

Make the first paragraph count. A personal statement for jobs should contain an engaging introduction that will grab the attention of review panels without being showy or resorting to gimmicks. Carefully include language in the introduction that summarises experience, goals and motivation.

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