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How to write a petition statement

how to write a petition statement

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Gathering Information

Read the bylaws. Most organizational bylaws or constitutions contain a procedure for removal of board members. Most require a certain number of signatures by current members of the organization, and many have time restrictions.

Decide why you want the board member removed. Reasons for removal should be based on the person's actions with regard to the organization.

List the reasons you think the board member should be removed in terms of actions he has taken or votes he has cast. Do not interpret or insert suspected motives in your list. Get as many people to provide input into this list as possible.

Wording the Petition

Draft your petition. Include a greeting such as "To the Board of Managers of Slippery Slope Homeowners Association" and a statement of action you wish to be taken; for example, "The following members request the recall of Beatrice Beansprout based on the following reasons."

List the mistakes or offenses by

the board member in the main part of the petition that make necessary the removal from office.

End the petition with a conclusion and an affirmative statement as to the identities of the signers; for example, "A recall election is therefore requested by the following members, each of whom was a dues-paying member of Happy Shores Country Club at the time of signing."

Add signature spaces. Check your bylaws for information needed from each signer. There should always be a space for the date the petition was signed. Add an "attest" at the bottom for the person circulating the petition; for example ,"I (name) affirm that each person signing this petition is personally known to me and did so in my presence."

Follow the rules. If there's a certain format your petition must follow or a specific number of signatures you need, use the format and exceed the number necessary. Turn in your petition on a timely basis and submit all signature sheets together.

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