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How to write a police statement

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A representative of a local police department fills out the information needed for a police statement. People who believed they have been a victim of a crime can either call the police to come to where they are or they can file the statement at the police station. The statement includes sections where victims can identify the date, place and details of the incident as well as who the responding party will be. They can also state whether any injuries were sustained during the alleged criminal activity.


The narrative section permits the victim to give a first-hand account of the events leading up to and including the incident. Any witnesses to the alleged criminal activity may provide their input during this section as well.

Obstruction of Justice

Providing false information to the police is considered a crime; violators may be charged with obstruction of justice. While the punishment varies from state to state, most offenders may receive

fines and jail time for providing false information to a law enforcement officer.



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Include statements from victims and witnesses. The statements must be verbatim to what a witness or victim said. Have the witness and/or.

You were angry, frustrated and wanted justice, so you filed a complaint with law enforcement. But then you changed your mind, and.

Obtain a copy of the police report. Police reports are public record as long as they do not contain information identifying juveniles.

Honesty is the best policy, and this maxim is especially true when speaking to a police officer. Both state and federal laws.


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