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How to Write a Great Pitch Letter

What is it?

A brief letter, almost never longer than one page, written to accompany press releases, media advisories or full press kits.

How is it used?

Pitch letters serve one purpose -- to pique the journalist's interest in your story. They needn't tell the whole story. Rather, they are "teasers" for the meat of your story angle.

What's it look like?

Mr. Joe Smith

Features Editor

The Daily Herald

Anytown, OH 44444

Dear Joe:

On November 19, during halftime of the California-Stanford game, 80,000 people will make history.

They'll be helping to establish a New World Record by participating in the largest participatory game in -- a monumental round of Pictionary, led by the Stanford Marching Band.

The band will use formations to

create pictures of words and phrases. The crowd will then have the chance to guess the word, by cheering at the appropriate choice read aloud by the public address announcer.

Rob Angel, the man who began the Pictionary craze, will be in town for the record-setting attempt. In just five years, Rob's risen from waiter to millionaire. One of the most successful game inventors in history, he's now a celebrity in his own right (he was recently featured on the cover of USA Weekend as part of their "Young Millionaires" issue).

Rob will be available to discuss the "Mega-Pictionary" game, and his role as inventor of America's favorite game on Thursday, November 17 or Friday, November 18.

I'll be in touch soon to discuss a possible interview. Look forward to speaking with you.

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