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How to write a reflective statement

how to write a reflective statement

How to Write a Reflective Statement

Reflection helps us learn how and why we have changed as a result of our learning. It can help our critical thinking skills and help us make connections between what we learn in school and what we see in the world learn in our everyday lives. Reflecting on a class can also help us realize why and how it may be important to our education and life goals. Reflection also helps us see how we grow and change over time-something that can be very rewarding and motivating.

Sharing our reflections with one another can also help deepen our learning. It may be insightful and interesting to see what your friends and classmates got out of a particular assignment or course. It will likely open your eyes to new ideas and perspectives.

Remember, in the beginning, these are 'learning portfolios.' We are documenting what, why, and how we learned. We can easily adapt these into showcase portfolios later.

Writing reflective statements take practice. Listed below are some prompts to help you get started. Over time, you will see that you will become more aware

of how you learn best, what types of tasks and methods you really enjoy and do well with, and which ones are more challenging for you. Knowing this will help you become a better learner and you will likely do better in school and even enjoy it more.

(Answer these questions is your reflections)

  • Briefly describe the project/assignment you accomplished.
  • How did the project connect to your understanding of the larger theme/learning objective/competency?
  • What did you learn that surprised you?
  • How did this learning relate to the things you are learning in your other courses (Metro or otherwise)?

(Here are some more guiding questions. Answering these questions are optional.)

  • What challenged you? How did you meet the challenge?
  • What would you do differently if you have a chance to do this project again? Why?
  • What have you discovered about yourself as a learner?
  • Regarding the _______ assignment, I discovered that I.
  • How did this learning relate to your goals (personal, academic, or professional)?
  • How have I grown as a student this semester?

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