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How to write a statement of qualifications

how to write a statement of qualifications

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Track key information for each project your company has worked on, including the name of the project, contract number, contract period, value, name of the client and a technical contact's name and phone number. A bookkeeper or someone in the accounting department is often the appropriate person to track this kind of information.

Write a description of the project that includes how you met the client's needs, what objectives were met, the purpose of the project and what results were found. This description should be about 100 words. The project description should be written in present tense while the project is active and should be changed to past tense after it is completed. The project manager or someone else directly involved in the project should write the description and review it for accuracy in the future.

Update the statement of qualifications regularly. Contract periods, values

and technical contacts often change, so keep your database current. Potential clients often use the technical contact as a reference to see how you performed in a similar situation.

Organize your statement of qualifications database by contract end date. This system will keep the most recent projects at the top of the list. As projects are extended, you will have to move the entry to the appropriate place based on contract end date, but it makes the search process much simpler when preparing a proposal on a tight deadline.

Create a list of keywords. Choose three words that are the focus of a given project and record them in a column. An architect might track past projects using the keywords "high rise," "school" or "single-family home." When you are responding to a request for proposals to design a new building downtown, you can quickly find projects most related to this work.

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