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How to write a strong thesis statement

how to write a strong thesis statement

Writing a strong thesis statement

FirstClaud Mar 19, 2012

Can anyone give me some tips or pointers on the best way to write a strong thesis statement that is also clear, concise and compelling? I'm struggling with how to accomplish this all in one sentence.

rachaeljw Mar 20, 2012

In order to craft a powerful thesis statement, remember to stay focused on the main purpose or point of the essay, while using a clear and direct tone to hold the reader's attention and deliver your message. A thesis statement usually works best in the first paragraph of an essay, following a catchy introduction, and often is found at the end of the first paragraph.

CrystalAnn Apr 13, 2012

The previous posters are correct in what the thesis statement does, but here are some tips to help you write it. -) Think of it as the map that provides direction to your paper.

Make sure.

1. It answers the "what" question - in other words, what is your argument?

2. It gives a clue to the "why" question - why is the argument you choose the most persuasive one?

4. It is

not too opinionated - while opinion is part of your thesis, you want to avoid strict opinions because opinions may or may not be supported with facts.

5. You use strong adjectives - For example, oppressive and tyrannical are strong adjectives.

6. It includes specific details about the argument.

7. You write it in a way that doesn't leave the argument closed at the end of the paper. A great thesis is discussed in the paper and leaves room for further discussion.

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