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How to write a thematic statement

how to write a thematic statement

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How does one use a thematic statement to write a literary analysis essay arguing and proving the existence of a particular theme in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet ?

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A thematic statement will be different from a typical thesis in that with a thematic statement you will be making a broader generalization about the work or play. rather than laying out a concise analytical argument. A thematic statemen t draws on a theme from a work and identifies the theme in a complete sentence that makes generalizations about "human motivation," the "human condition," or "human ambition" ("English Language Arts" ). Your thematic statement will not address specific characters or moments in the play. but rather be applicable to the entire play as a whole. We also

want to avoid moralizing in a thematic statement because a theme is not a moral. Also, be sure to avoid words that generalize ideas in an absolute sense, such as "all, everyone, each, none, always, never, etc" ("English Language Arts"). Instead use more general words. like "sometimes, often, we," etc ("English Language Arts"). One example of a thematic statement for Morley Callahan's short story "Two Fishermen" is

If we were to take the theme of fate vs. free will and turn it into a thematic statement, we would first need to show how the play portrays the concepts of fate and free will in a universal perspective. To see how the theme fate vs. free will applies universally and not just in the play, consider asking yourself: Are we all governed purely by fate? or only by our own choices? Can we tell if we are being governed by fate or by our choices? If we decide to state that it is difficult to tell, one possibility for a thematic statement is

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