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How to write an impact statement

how to write an impact statement

Writing the Impact Statement document

Introduce the concept of impact here and explain its importance within the context of this proposal. This template can be used to describe any kind of impact such as the impact of new regulations or personnel changes or an environmental impact of proposed project. To describe an impact such as carbon footprint you may want to use the Footprint template. Description of Impact Describe the impact you believe will occur. For example this might be financial impact caused by change in the price of oil projected slowdown in manufacturing caused by an inability to import raw materials or traffic disruptions caused in neighborhood by the construction of new apartment building. Methods for Determination of Impact Detail the methods used to calculate the impact. For complex projects this may be quite lengthy and detailed description.

Impact Comparison Describe how this

impact compares with the other known impacts of this type and discuss any ramifications of its ranking. For example you might describe how similar situation caused lawsuit within your industry or how your proposed construction project will cause less disruption than similar projects in the same area. Remediation of Impact Describe the steps that will or should be taken to lessen or correct the expected impact. For example you might import more raw materials before projected future shortfall locate an alternative shipping company before your current one goes out of business or work only specific hours to lessen impact on neighbors. Next Steps Describe any steps that must be taken to avoid prepare for or remediate this impact.

A Document from Proposal Pack

The editable Impact Statement template - complete with the actual formatting, layout and graphics is available in the retail Proposal Packs.

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