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How to write an objective for a resume

A resume is your presentation for a job, according to the evaluation employers make to your resume, you’ll contacted for a job interview or not; and usually the objective of the resume is crucial in the evaluation; because it shows the potential employee personal and professional goals and it’s the first thing employers read of your resume.

If you’re asking how to write an objective for a resume, it’s very simple, you need to include your goals and as the title says the objectives; but in this section we will provide you with tips an recommendations to write a powerful objective, that impresses the interviewer from the first moment, in that way you can ensure to have a job interview very soon.

To create a good objective for your resume is to get it noticed, you must make an intelligent use of your personal branding and make your objective personal, avoid use it for years, because the statements on the objective are marketing statements; with these statements you must convince the employers you know what you want and you’re familiar with the industry.

Tips for writing a resume objective

  • Don’t use the same objective on every resume, the best practice is to adapt it according to the job you’re applying, make the position sounds perfect for you and the employer will think you’ll love the job therefore you’ll do it better than an employee who just wants the money. Remember that the most specific is your objective; you’ll have more chances to get the job.
  • There’s not a formula to know how to write an objective for a resume, but you must focus on how you’ll benefit the company and not how the company will benefit you.
  • There are many statements on the internet, and you can follow some tips and models but your objective must be unique as you, and you must include your personal characteristics.
  • Keep it concise, you don’t want to get the employer bored with so many resumes he/she has to read including cover letters; so it’s a hard work for employers to study and select between hundreds of resumes and documents, which are potential employees; that’s why it’s also important to consider that it might determine if an employer will be interested on the rest of your

    resume or not.

  • An effective objective includes:
    • Identify yourself
    • Include the role you’re applying for
    • Add relevant skills/ experience/training: Select 3 main skills, it’s not adequate to add all what you’re best at doing if it’s not relevant.
    • And finally say how you’ll contribute to the company, because what really matter to employers is how that skills you mentioned will transfers into value for the company
  • Never use vague statements, remember that objectives set a direction for the resume, so don’t be ambiguous with the ideas.
  • At the moment of writing it on your resume, choose a basic font that anyone could understand.
  • Start your objective with the word to + (with a verb) instead of I, because it’s about what you can do for the company and employers focus on it.

  • Use action verbs, it’ll let employers know that you’re more interested in helping them than in helping the company.
  • If you don’t have many real word skills due to poor experience, it’s helpful to add information about how good you were at college and transfer this information to a corporate environment.
  • Your career objective should be placed at the top of the page and shouldn’t exceed two sentences. It’s your introduction, this is the first impression you will give, so be careful in the orthography, and keep it clear.


    • To get a position at ABC Company, where I will maximize my skills, experience, training… (Include some attributes related to the job you’re applying).
  • Work in a challenging and stimulating environment which provides the opportunity to use my current experience and to enrich my knowledge, enhancing my experience; and contributing towards the achievement of organizational objective by applying my professional skills.
  • Obtain a position with a well established organization with a stable environment that will lead to a lasting relationship in the field of (add your industry).

    The following statements need to be more specific:

    • Enhance my capabilities and qualifications so that I have the opportunity to prove myself as a competent employee.
  • Seeking a powerful position where I can use my strengths and skills.

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