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How to Write the Organizational Information Section of Your Grant Proposal

how to write statement of objectives

By Joanne Fritz. Nonprofit Charitable Orgs Expert

Joanne Fritz has worked in the nonprofit world for most of her 30-year career beginning with teaching at the secondary, college, and university levels. She has also held senior management positions at two national nonprofits and two universities. Fritz has served on numerous nonprofit boards and was chosen to participate in leadership programs in two cities. Read more

This section of your proposal needs to be just as succinct as the rest. Stick to the information that will establish your organization's credibility and ability to accomplish the goals of this project.

  • The full, legal name of your nonprofit and its legal status (i.e. 501(c)(3).
  • Your location - the headquarters plus other operating sites.

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  • The history of your

    nonprofit. Your mission statement, when the organization was founded, who founded it, for what purpose, and the community and/or clients it serves.

  • A summary of your programs.
  • Your organization's position and role in the community. Mention any collaborating partners in your community.
  • How your organization is unique. Explain why your services do not overlap with other similar services.
  • Your organization's most important achievements that relate to this proposal. Include any awards or special recognition your organization has received. Consider using a bullet format to lay out these achievements in an abbreviated way.
  • Very brief summary of the need statement.
  • Financial information such as overall budget and annual donations. Past and current funding from other sources.
  • A brief statement about your board, staff, and volunteers .

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