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How to write statements

how to write statements


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Tues August 11 th

Personality Types, Career Exploration & Strategies for College Success : In this workshop you will learn how to use the EUREKA website to answer three questions:

1. Who Am I?

2. Where Am I Going?

3. How Do I Get There?

We will discuss majors, research careers and find out how much salary you will need to make to support your lifestyle.

Writing as a Process : The least we can do to write better essays is to write them in more than one sitting, and not force ourselves to produce a final draft all at once. But there are some strategies to keep in mind during those sessions that can help the process even more. Join us for an informal, conversational introduction to some tips on how to make life less miserable while writing.

Student Success : Learn the keys to be a successful college student. Topics include: Student Success, Time and Self management, study skills and overcoming procrastination.

Factoring Refreshe r: We will review GCF, factor by grouping, factoring trinomials and solving quadratic equations using factoring.

 Wednesday August 12 th

Precalculus Review : This workshop will provide a quick review of solving polynomial and rational inequalities using a sign graph, combining and simplifying rational expressions, graphing piecewise defined and rational functions, simplifying exponential expressions and more.

Equations Review for Algebra and Accounting : This workshop will provide a review of solving equations and percent equations, including a variety of applications. Come reacquaint yourself to mathematics and start your semester strong.

Financial Accounting Review : If you're taking Financial Accounting for the first time or want a review before Managerial Accounting, this workshop is for you. We will do a brief review of Accounting terminology, financial statements and the dual entry accounting concept.

This workshop is partnered with an Algebra review workshop that will review the required algebra skills that will be used in the course.

Library Discovery : This workshop provides an opportunity to become familiar with the library's

Discovery tools for finding books, articles, videos, etc. Open to new and returning students

It’s Elementary, Chemistry Review : A review of important concepts and skills for success in general chemistry, CHEM 201A

How to Choose Your Major : This workshop will provide students with an opportunity to learn about how students approach choosing a major. Resources and helpful websites will be demonstrated and shared with students.

Library Discovery : This workshop is designed to introduce students to the Discovery Search Tools used to find books, articles, videos, etc. Knowing how to use the library is one of the keys to college success. New and returning students are welcome.

Thursday August 13 th

Trig Review for Calculus : Knowledge of trigonometry is very important for success in calculus and physics, yet many students find trig is their "Achilles Heel", constantly tripping them up throughout these courses. Come to this workshop to get a refresher on your trig skills and a jumpstart for the semester! (And it's rumored that there will be snacks. )

Art History Prep. Learn how to succeed in an art history course! What is art history? How to scholars study the global arts? Instructor will present an overview of the field. Then, study skills and art history-specific tips and tricks will be presented. Come to this workshop to learn how to succeed!

Integration and Differentiation Review. This workshop will provide a review of product, quotient and chain rule for differentiation as well as basic integration and substitution. Handouts for extra practice will be provided.

Review for Calculus III. We will be reviewing several topics utilized extensively in Calculus III including parametric equations, systems of linear and nonlinear equations, and some differentiation and integration techniques.

Come by the Student Success Center on your campus for help. The Student Success Center offers basic skills development and a variety of tutorial services. Math tutoring is available on a drop-in basis for all levels.

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(805) 546-3150 –                   (805) 591-6245 –

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