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How to yarn forward in knitting

Joining new yarn in knitting – 7 ways

When I first learned how to knit and needed to join yarn in a project, my instinct was to knot the knitted yarn and the new yarn together at the ends. (Hey, I heard that gasp!) Turns out my newbie intuition was waaay off the mark. A knot would, over time, certainly untie itself. Nothing like having a sweater start to unravel, right about chest level, while you’re chowing down with friends at the local Olive Garden. Yikes!

Now that I’ve progressed in my knitting—and read about how experienced knitters do things—I’ve discovered that there are a lot of different techniques out there for getting one thing done. Like joining yarn.

In this how-to-knit tutorial (we’re building up an arsenal of them for you!), you’ll learn that joining new yarn in knitting can be done in several

ways. In the book A to Z of Knitting . for instance, three different ways of joining yarn are covered. Let’s take a look at the joining-yarn techniques from the book, plus a few others from ’round the web.

Joining In a New Yarn at the Beginning of a Row: Method One

1. Take your right needle through the first stitch on your left needle. Leaving a tail of yarn at least 4″ (10 cm) long, loop the new yarn around your right needle.

3. Tie the two tails of yarn together at the beginning of the row with a single knot.

4. After the piece is finished, undo the knot and finish off the tails of yarn by weaving them into a seam or the back of the knitting.

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