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How to make nursing pads (with FREE pattern!)

May 10th, 2011

When you begin nursing a baby you quickly figure out that you need nursing pads to protect your clothing (and pride!) from leaks. There are some good disposable ones, but most are scratchy and uncomfortable, and if you use them as much as I did with my first baby – you end up spending a fortune. The reusable fabric ones are therefore a Godsend – but then unfortunately, they all seem to be unbelievably expensive for what they are!

That’s okay though, we can make our own – and they’re soooo easy!

What you’ll  need:

  • My nursing pad printable pattern (CLICK HERE )
  • Flannel fabric (you could use old receiving blankets or old sheets) made from a natural fibre (cotton or bamboo)
  1. Make sure you pre-wash your fabric – you don’t want your new nursing pads to shrink!!
  2. Print off the pattern (CLICK HERE ) and cut it out.
  3. In order to make one set of nursing pads, you’ll need to cut 6 to 8 of the pattern (I prefer 8 )

  • Sew the darts in all the circles, then trim close to the seam.

  • Lay 3-4 of the circles on top of one another, and sew around the edge. I like to use my serger, but you can just as easily use a zig zag stitch on

    your machine. (please note that the pattern allows for about 1/4″ of fabric to be removed by your serger when sewing – so if you like, you can trim that away if you use a zig zag stitch instead)

  • That’s it!!

  • Important Note:

    • DO NOT under any circumstances include some sort of water proof backing or lining in your nursing pads. I know it’s tempting, but your breasts are highly susceptible to clogged ducts and mastitis and not allowing them to breath can bring on or exasperate either or both of those conditions. Your nursing pads need to be breathable! Just don’t do it, please. Besides, adding plastics or the like can often mean that your nursing pads won’t be able to be tumble dried, as the lining will melt (speaking from experience here). I don’t know about you, but I hate anything I can’t tumble dry!
    • UPDATE 5/11/11: Someone just made a really great suggestion of using PUL fabric (the type used in cloth diapers) as a waterproof layer on the outside. You still can’t tumble dry PUL, but it might actually be breathable enough. In theory it sounds like a really great idea – so I’m going to do some more research and update you all with what I find out!!

    ps. I have another method for making contoured nursing pads that I really love – and i’ll be sharing in a week or so.

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