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Natural balance dog food where to buy

natural balance dog food where to buy

INFB has an independent streak, and so does our team.

Br  enda Steele

Owner, Brand Manager, Key Accounts Manager, CO/SoCal

Brenda is the founder of INFB. She covers the corporate SRM to UNFI Aurora. Brenda has  worked in the natural foods business for over fifteen years from managing a small natural food store in the mid-nineties to running her own demo company for a year. She broke into the natural products brokerage  business a decade and a half ago, and started INFB in 2008.

Covers: WFRM, WFSP, Nat'l Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Lassen's, Jimbo's, Mother's Market, Gelsin's, Crystal Farms, Pharmaca.

Joey Shaffer

Brand Manager, Key Account Manager TX / LA, SW Rep Sales Manager

Joey brings ten years of experience in the brokerage industry to INFB. He’s worked with well-known consumer packaged goods companies, and helped them grow in national grocery chains and small independent markets. After graduating from Lehigh Valley College in

2001 with a degree in management/marketing, Joey pursued a career in the brokerage industry working for a national broker. With great ambition and ability he was able to achieve goals that assisted in growth within the company. There, Joey worked in sales, marketing, merchandising, and management.

He left the company to continue his career as a district manager for another national broker, gaining a broader knowledge of the industry

He’s excited to learn more about the future of the grocery industry, and looks forward to the natural/organic world as we continue to move toward a green earth.

 Covers: WFSW, HEB, Central Market, Fiesta Market, Market Streets, Rouse's and the corporate SRM to KeHE, Austin/San Antonio.

Phone: 610-451-6035

 Heide Bischoff

Key Account Manager, UT Retail Sales Manager 

Heidi has been exploring nutrition and natural ways of healing since she was 17. She is a certified Holistic Nutrition Educator from Baumen College in Berkeley, CA.

Category: Forex

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