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Reliance how to check balance

reliance how to check balance

Balance - Reliance Netconnect Broadband+

Without Consumer Consent activating SMS Pack. - Reliance Netconnect

This Service SMS Pack was activated without my consent so i contacted there customer care through *333 and there was a person Sateyendra Paswan, Kolkata..(as he told me) who doesn't want to listen to my query. and bluntly says that your deducted amount wont be given back and we cannot do any thing..I don't know from where they are hireing such employee who cannot even give a genuine reply to the consumers query and don't kno how to speak. Is this the way u charge a customer without his consent and after that u say u cant do anything.

What happens next is after few days someone blocks my number by giving a call to customers care that my mobile is stolen. i wonder how can anyone

block anyone's number. and the company have some strict rules that they have to follow by confirming all the details such as address, date of birth, etc.and i'm sure that nobody knows my details and it is that same person from the customer care who has done this. I called the customer care (customercare employee Ajit from Kolkata) today and told them that i haven't called the customer care n never reported for stolen mobile and asked for the details such as who called and what was the number so that i could take legal actions but nothing was provided to me. i wonder how anyone can block anyones number by just giving a call. and the person also knows all my detail. this is the same person. i want legal actions to be taken against this employee. Is this the way they harass people.

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