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Telus how to call forward

telus how to call forward

How can I contact Telus Mobility Client Care?

There are several ways in which to contact Client Care.

• From your Telus Mobility phone, simply dial *611. This is a free call.

• From a land-line phone, you may reach Clent Care via the following numbers:

• Toll-free: 1-866-558-2273.

• Toll-free in Eastern Quebec: 1-800-463-8988.

• Vancouver: 604-291-2355.

• Ottawa: 613-282-2532.

• Quebec City: 418-802-2532.

• Montreal: 514-830-2532.

• Toronto: 416-279-2532.

• For postal and email addresses, please see this page:

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  • Worst customer service ever. Not helpful. I was with another company before and had no issues whatsoever. The other company was always helpful. The only reason I went to telus was because we have telus at our residents. I wish I never switched. Oh yeah, talked to some guy in Guatemala. Wtf. Hate that.

2015-07-08 16:18:11
  • As a long time user of prv.B.C.Tel and now Telus because of health issues I obtained a cell phone, at first bought min. after moving to kelowna in June2014 I went to a Telus Mobility store front in the Mission Area and told the clerk i needed a Kelowna address for the cell, at this time i asked if i could bundle this service to my exsisiting telus acct. and automatic payment that ws already in place, I was told that it could be and would be. so i went away happy that this could be done. fast forward to Dec.2014 when a letter was sent to my old address stating that my account for cell phone was in arears (news to me) I had never recived a statement from Telus for this account thought it was being payed auto, contacted the phone number on the warning letter and explained that I had never received a bill at my old or new address for this account. told the agent to cancell the service and send me the past due statements and i would pay the account in full. was told by the telus agent we dont send out statements. but was finally told how much was owed. went to a telus store in the Orchard park Mall ,Kelowna, and tried to pay the account. OH NO WE CANT ACCEPT PAYMENT HERE YOU HAVE TO GO TO A BANK. HELLO ISNT THIS TELUS..NO ONE EVER TOLD ME THAT MOBILITY AND HOME AND INTERNET ARE DIFFERENT ENTITIES OF THE SAME CO..YOU NEED TO TRAIN YOUR STORE FRONT AGENTS SO THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT..STILL HAVENT RECIVED A STATEMENT FOR THAT CELL ACCOUNT..THANKS BUT NO THANKS TELUS MOBILITY. 2015-01-02 13:04:21
  • BEWARE I was charged 334.00 for disconnecting my internet becase I had no working device. Noone told me about the 334.00 disconnection charge so yeah what now 2014-11-27 11:20:35
  • I have been dealing with Telus for my personal phones since 2001 and have been more than happy with all my experiences when speaking with customer service by phone. I must say my experiences in Telus storefornts is not quite as good. The one at my local mall is because it appears to be lack of knowledge. Bottom line is if I want something done. the call centres seem to be much better. On a side note I have Bell for my work phone on a corporate plan and don't find them any where near as satisifying for customer service. 2014-07-15 12:39:22
  • I had sent in a request for cancellation of contract which was accepted and confirmed by Telus. A few months later I started receiving notices from a collection agency. and now I cannot get any one at Telus to solve this situation. 2014-05-26 2014-05-26 15:45:01
  • My wife and I had a shared plan with Telus with a 3 year contract. After 2 and half years are bills were $300+ together. We could not come to a deal that equalled Rogers or Bell which was $160 unlimited, 6 Gigs. unlimited text. It made sense to change and pay the penalties($380). 3 weeks after I switched I lost my job. On January 3rd 2014 someone called from Telus to tell me that if I don't pay ASAP they will go to collection. We finally agreed to pay per month $150. After making 2 payments I received a letter from a collection agency. Less than 2 months after a settlement to pay per month. I called Telus to ask why a say that the payments were for $175 not $150. Need to say my wife's credit has gone from 735 to 386. total disaster. Help. Filing reports with all credit bureaus presently. 2014-04-29 23:43:13
  • My wife and I had a shared plan with Telus with a 3 year contract. After 2 and half years are bills were $300+ together. We could not come to a deal that equalled Rogers or Bell which was $160 unlimited, 6 Gigs. unlimited text. It made sense to change and pay the penalties($380). 3 weeks after I switched I lost my job. On January 3rd 2014 someone called from Telus to tell me that if I don't pay ASAP they will go to collection. We finally agreed to pay per month $150. After making 2 payments I received a letter from a collection agency. Less than 2 months after a settlement to pay per month. I called Telus to ask why a say that the payments were for $175 not $150. Need to say my wife's credit has gone from 735 to 386. total disaster. Help. Filing reports with all credit bureaus presently. 2014-04-29 23:42:23
  • I find that with any hiccups we've had with Telus, they have been very reasonable and generous in dealing with our problems. I think the key is to be reasonable and not fly off the handle when dealing with any issues. 2014-04-03 11:51:42
  • Sorry to hear that many of you have had a negative experience with Telus, mine is the opposite and no I don't work for Telus. I recently called with an email account issue on my Iphone. I was unable to receive my messages. I got through without delay at 2pm. I was transferred to tech support immediately and had my issue resolved to my complete satisfaction. I'm sure all your complaints are valid, but if you get good service, do you also take the time to say so? Its so easy to complain, but the simple act of saying thank you is a dying art these days. 2014-03-27 17:51:50
  • Telus is the most worst company I have had ever used. I will never ever go to this company again. I had 250 mg in my my plan they were charging me 100$ for extra 50 mg that's bullshit. I was with telus for months they charged me more then 2000$. 2014-02-28 12:59:27
  • My husband was transferred out of the country in Jan 2013. We notified Telus that we wanted to continue the contract on Jan 19th but asked that they suspend service until May 19th when he came back. The agent assured us it would be done. Telus did not send us any further bills and we were paid up to date. When my husband came home they had continued to charge the monthly amount, cancelled our contract and charged us $800.20 for THEM cancelling it and referred the account to a collection agency. We knew nothing about it. They didnt send bills,try to call me ( Im with Rogers thank God) even though they had my contact numbers. They have screwed our PERFECT Credit rating and now wont provide us with copies of the bills or any information. The collection agency said that we owe the money and they wont back down. I spent 12 years as a Telus customer before going to Rogers. They consistently screwed up my bills, knew nothing and generally kept me on hold for up to an hour. When my contract was up I asked to add my new step sons phone to my plan and they wouldnt although I had paid on time for 12 years. So I went to Rogers. Even though my contract had expired they tried to charge me 1714.00 to cancel. This company is staffed and run by myopic idiots who have screwed our credit. Anyone who deals with these people will one day understand what a bunch of inefficient morons they are. 2014-02-10 22:36:08
  • I have been a Telus mobility user for over 10 years and have had excellent service, with no problems whatsoever. I would never switch providers. Their customer service is excellent 2013-11-14 17:10:58
  • FRUSTRATED, they suspended my account for nothing, and customer care center doesn't know how to solve it. 2013-10-30 02:46:54
  • Good luck calling Telus. You'll be put on hold for at least 30 - 45 minutes - that is if you're lucky! 2013-10-11 22:00:11
  • Telus Mobility is the worst customer service ever. I tried to pay my bill this morning and was on hold for more then an hour. DO NOT BUY TELUS MOBILITY stock. it worked against United Airlines. maybe they'll get the message if the stock drops 10% 2013-09-06 14:29:23
  • Telus has the worst customer service I have experienced. After I ordered a new mobile phone, they forgot to send the phone, and nobody could figure out if it was shipped or not. I was put on hold for 2 hours with no success. 2013-08-26 18:50:27
  • Every time I buy minutes monthly, I am being screwed by 1 or 2 days, we lose those days, and telus is making millions of dollars by cheating people. Also when I dial out just for 10 seconds to leave a quick message, I am charged the whole minute. This is total highway robbery. That company + others make tons of money on us people. I've had more then enough of being robbed by all these big outfits that are making tons of money. So let's work together and fight this scam, it has to change. Telus sucks. hope they change their tune give us deals, int he USA they have their heads together, we get lots of deals there. This country sucks with no deals. 2013-08-22 14:16:53
  • My wallet got stolen by a friend, opened up a cell phone account without me knowing. I got a letter a year later in 2010 saying I owed Telus $1200. I did some investigation n found out

    it was my friend who did that to me. I filed a police report and he admitted to doing it, he also admitted to the courts to doing it so he got off with community service. I have all the documents. But Telus is still reporting to my credit burrueu every month saying I still owe the money. I contacted the fraud dept and they're saying there's nothing they can do because there is phone linkages on the account. At the time this all happened we were friends so we wud call each other, I obviously didn't know at the time he opened up the phone with my info. So because of that Telus is still reporting to my burrueu, ruining my credit eventho the person admitted to stealing my id and opening up the account, and I have all the documents in writing. It's been going on since 2010 they haven't done anything. And on top of this the rep told me that the reason they are not goin to write it off as fraud is because Telus will never be able to recoup the money then? What kind of business is this? Anyone can go into a Telus store with a stolen ID of someone they know and open a account and the victim is supposed to deal with ruined credit ratings for the rest of their life? Gimme a break 2013-03-12 09:08:41

  • I got a Telusmobility phone 13 years ago when my Mom was sick. I went with the 3 year contract they suggested. Then when my Grandson was in the hospital for three months my bill suddenly jumped over an additional $100. When I called they changed my plan, once again increasing my monthly charge. It mostly worked with my 5 Favs for years until my daughters got an iPhone from them with fav 10 and more data and $20 less a month. When I called Telusmobility I was give a new plan which gave me no data access other than to Twitter and Facebook and Fav 10. My bill went from over $90/month to $52/month. When I called about the new Blackberry I was initially told that I to pay out my contract. When I phoned a special number they gave me that could negotiate I was told that I could get a new phone with a 3 year contract in May with no penalty and that the offer would appear on my web site. When it did not appear I phoned the same number and was told that I had to wait out my contract (about 9 months) period. A friend said that most carriers would wave the fee within six months of renewal. Telusmobility said no but when I indicated that I was happy just waiting out the contract and changing carriers, they said I would get a call at the end of April with an offer. I said "don't call unless you are willing to wave the fee". I then went to Bell and Rogers and have been offered greatly improved service at a lower price. I feel that Telusmobility has taken advantage of a very uninformed senior citizen for many years. The stupidity is mine. The greed is theirs. 2013-02-17 12:59:37
  • In the Summer my cellphone bills were 100-200$ a month, they are supposed to be 60$, i didn't know why i didn't ask i just paid it. Then i finally checked in December and Telus had been charging me for calling people on my favorite 10 and the system would not accept my favorite 10 numbers even when the technical support team put them in. Technical support finally fixed the issue, but i'm told YOU CAN'T GO BACK AS FAR AS SUMMER. So the hundreds of dollars i was overcharged in the summer that i paid cannot be got back. THIS IS ALL SUSPICIOUSLY CONVENIENT FOR TELUS. Because i refused to pay my extremely high bill that was the fault of a glitch in Telus's system, it showed up on my credit rating, AND NOW I'M BEING DENIED CREDIT I NEED BECAUSE OF THESE MISTAKES SHOWING UP ON EQUIFAX. ALSO Telus REFUSES to fix my samsung Nexus screen, because i ordered a screen from ebay for 160$ when they wanted to charge me 350$+. I've been ripped off by Telus so many times why would i get ripped off again by paying a markup of over 200$ on a screen that SHOULD BE WHOLESALE PRICE TO CUSTOMERS. Now i'm stuck with a broken phone, a cell phone company who REFUSES TO FIX MY PHONE BECAUSE they want to make 200+markup profit off my broken screen and a void warranty because i fixed it myself for hundreds less. Please tell me how telus can VOID their end of the contract. The system has overcharged me and left me unable to get any of the $$ back because of the number of months back it is. That seems to me basis to void a contract based on Telus's fault. WAIT TELUS IS UNTOUCHABLE and cannot VOID THEIR END OF CONTRACT EVEN IF THEIR SYSTEM IS @#$%ed and OVERCHARGING YOU. GET AWAY FROM TELUS PEOPLE. I've been a Telus customer since i got my first cell phone at 13, 13 years ago. 2013-01-28 11:46:31
  • Upon receiving a phone call from Telus early Oct.15,someone was telling me about this phone,eventually I said yes, as I have Parkinsons Disease. Receiving the phone on Tuesday night, I realized this was not the phone I wanted so I cancelled the LG phone on Oct 18. Since I needed a cell phone I purchased Iphone 4s.I phoned Telus and asked about the special package to send the phone(LG) back. Oct 22 I phoned once again and tthey told me I had to wait another week. I told the lady no one will be home as I had doctors appointments. After about 20 minutes on hold I got pissed off and told the lady no way? well Telus after my new contract is up I will no longer sign up with you any longer? getting put on hold for a long time but I told that lady I was sick, she still told me I had to wait another week? Forget it Telus, after 3 years, I QUIT. 2012-10-22 17:46:53
  • Hello, all if you are having Troubles with Telus Mobilty Please call Head Office Head office TELUS Mobility Client Care 200 Consilium Place, Suite 1600 Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1H 3J3 British Columbia: 4535 Canada Way, Tower B Burnaby, B.C. V5G 1J9 3500 Gilmore Way Burnaby, B.C. V5G 4W7 Alberta: 3030 2nd Avenue S.E. Calgary, AB, T2A 5N7 2480 - 39th Avenue N.E. Calgary, AB, T2E 6X1 Quebec: 8885 Route Transcanadienne Saint Laurent, QC, H4S 2C5 226, Saint-Germain Est Bureau R0201 Rimouski, QC, G5L 7E4 Call them at 604-697-8044. Fax: 604-432-9681. Website: Head Office for telus corp head office. I hope this help you all out :-) Cheers 2012-09-02 03:07:11
  • It does not matter which number you use to try to contact Telus (611 or any of the numbers on the back of the bill or on their website), they all ended up in the Philippines for me. I finally got in touch with a Canadian Representative (and spent most of my afternoon doing it). I personally NEVER wanted my personal information sent to a foreign country nor do I appreciate that the Corporation functions without hiring many Canadians. Also, their paper bills (at a charge of $2/month) leave out a lot of important informtion. Expiry date of Contract, Particulars of your plan choice, favorite contact numbers, incoming call information, outgoing call information etc. I found out today when my contract will expire and I WILL NOT BE RENEWING. 2012-08-07 17:30:53
  • Telus has totally confused me! (that is their plan) fill you head up with all kinds of stuff that is not true. When you finally get to the bottom of their crap, everything they told you is a lie. I thought I was getting a 1yr. plan. I find out later it is 3 yrs. I wish I could find someone to help me!!When this is over I will never let this happen again! 2012-01-10 17:03:32
  • I'm more than frustrated! I have been tripled billed for one month, my volume control is broken and no one at Telus Mobility can help me with these problems. As soon as my contract expires, I will definitely go to another provider. it can't be any worse than this! 2011-10-06 15:14:28
  • My wife ordered a cellphone with a plan thru the corporate plan, we got a call that we should pay $1600.00 in order to get since we owe them previously. We repeatedly told them that we never had any account with Telus nor we ever owed any money to anybody.They said they will find out and call within 24 hrs and nobody called, we called back they said they will call back in 48 hours and nobody called .We called back they said since somebody has used our info and done fraud so the fraud dept will call back. Since nobody called so i called back cust. service and she said hat she could do nothing unless fraud dept. clarifies i got the fraud dept and called them but there was answering machine saying "leave you tel. # and we will call back. Since nobody called we called back after 2 days and left a message again. Its been 2 weeks now and nobody has called from Telus and i've been unnecessarily stressed about using my info and creating fraud.I asked several times for the Manager and they did'nt let me talk.This is Telus service. 2011-09-21 10:12:07
  • My wife and I got phones at a local festival from Telus. We have a share 25 plan. We were told it was a 2 year plan. This is up in about a month. My wife went in to see about new phones and she was told that one phone is a two year plan and one phone is a three year plan. We have tried to contact the man who wrote up our contract, for 3 months and he will not return our calls. This is poor customer service and he will loose us as customers if he doesn't rectify this problem. I would like to know how you could have a shared plan with 2 different contract lengths.

    2011-07-08 17:32:11

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