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How to Configure Ubuntu desktop to use your proxy server

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If you are having ubuntu desktop/laptop in your office or home behind proxy this tutorial is for you.This tutorial will explain How to Configure Ubuntu desktop/laptop to use your proxy server.

Ubuntu has a setting in gnome for the Network Proxy, which should set gnome’s proxy.

First go to System--->Preferences--->Network Proxy

Once it opens click on "Proxy Configuration" and enter your proxy server,port number details click Close.

Synaptic Package Manager

Synaptic Package Manager must have the proxy set, in order to update your installation using the in-built Update Manager or Synaptic GUI.

Go to System--->Administration--->Synaptic Package Manager

Once Synaptic Package Manager opens click on Settings--->Preferences

Click on Network tab select Manual Proxy Configuration option and enter your proxy server,port details.If you have username,password click on Authentication to enter these details click on ok

Firefox proxy Configuration

Open your firefox browser go to Edit--->Preferences

Click on Advanced and select Network tab

Select Settings option

Now select Manual Proxy Configuration and enter your proxy server,port details click on ok

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