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Plane travelling to the U.S. from Switzerland declares emergency and lands at Heathrow

By John Hutchinson for MailOnline 12:33 18 Jul 2015, updated 14:38 18 Jul 2015

  • Flight UA993 declared emergency as it flew over north France
  • Believed a 'hydraulic problem' forced pilot to divert to Heathrow
  • Second time this month the same plane has diverted to London airport 

A plane travelling to the U.S. from Switzerland was forced to make an emergency landing at London Heathrow this morning due to a 'hydraulic problem.'

United Airlines flight UA993 was flying over north France when it made a loop before diverting to the UK.

The Boeing 767 had left Zurich at 10.44am, and landed at Heathrow just before midday.

It is the second time this month the United Airlines plane has been forced to divert to London Heathrow (file photo)

The aircraft was en-route to Newark Liberty International Airport.

A spokesperson for United Airlines confirmed to

MailOnline Travel that 'Flight 993 was diverted to London due to maintenance and that 'it should depart London at 12.34 pm.'

However AirLive.Net tweeted that the reason for the emergency landing was a 'hydraulic problem.'


MailOnline Travel has contacted United Airlines and Heathrow Airport and is awaiting an update.

It is the second time this month that the plane, registration N677UA, has been forced to divert to Heathrow.

The plane made a loop over north France and then continued to its landing at Heathrow have said that the plane declared the emergency due to a 'hydraulic problem'

On July 1, United Airlines flight UA914 from Paris to Washington landed in London with a maintenance issue.

There were 200 passengers and ten crew on board.

The plane arrived in the UK just over an hour after leaving France, having to dump fuel over the Channel.

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