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As a member of PhillipCapital, Phillip Securities is proud to be the first stockbroker to introduce CFD s to Singapore.  Since 2003, we have taken the initiative to bring in a wide suite of products to enhance our clients’ investment universe, one of which is the Singapore Straits Times Index CFD to allow clients to track and trade the underlying Singapore market.  Phillip CFD also offers over 700  Singapore listed shares CFD. which is the most extensive in Singapore, and many other shares from Asia and USA. Phillip CFD also won the award of being *Singapore’s largest CFD provider by market share for 2010, 2011,2012,2013 and 2014.

With a team of dedicated dealers, we continue to focus on product innovation and providing the best possible service.  In addition, we are committed to provide fair dealing and a transparent trading experience to our clients through our platforms – POEMS and CFDTrader .  Our Shares CFD

prices are marked to market, with no additional spreads and clients can also trade via Direct Market Access (DMA). giving them another mode of CFD trading. Trade Equities CFD from as low as 10% margin requirements, and competitive commission rates and finance charges with Phillip CFD.

As a new client. you will receive a 4-week training programme and are also entitled to an exclusive one-day Charting & Technical Analysis workshop.  These seminars give you the opportunity to learn the basics of CFD s, our CFDTrader platform and have your questions answered personally by our CFD team.  Through these programmes, we hope to equip our clients with the knowledge and confidence to trade in CFDs.  Existing clients can also choose from a range of educational seminars to stay updated on the markets and constantly build their investment knowledge.

With all these combined, we seek to give you the most comprehensive and complete CFD trading experience.

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