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what are brokerage houses

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Ajax Houses and Real Estate for Sale

Are you thinking of moving to Ajax, Ontario? Are you unsure about the listings, neighbourhoods, and real estate buzzwords often thrown around? Well then you might just need a Realtor to help you find your next home and it seems you have come to the right place; we can definitely help you sort through all of the homes for sale in this beautiful part of Ontario.

We are a team of Realtors who happen to focus on houses for sale in Ajax and the surrounding area. You may be wondering why you should consider looking here for a new home, as Ajax real estate may not quite jump out at you, though that's because you don'tknow much about our town just yet!

Ajax is part of the Greater Toronto Area, meaning you would be very close  to the monstrous city but not find yourself stuck in the concrete jungle. With a quick drive down the 401, or hopping onto a GO bus or train, you can commute with no trouble at all or just pop in for a visit. You won't need to worry about your Toronto based job with the easy transportation; you can simply park at the GO station

and take a train in to downtown Toronto.

Though it is smaller than its neighbouring city, Ajax still has many of the same comforts; condominiums and large homes are offered and are more affordable than those in Toronto. The commute is quite worth the time when you can find the house of your dreams and see it is still within your price range. It is also always nice to know what amenities are located around your new home. As a fair sized city, Ajax has several beautiful parks, theatres, and golf courses available. There are activities for everyone throughout the city, whether you are looking for fitness or the arts. If you're worried about finding activities for your children, there are plenty of camps and summer activities during the warmer months, as well as team sports and youth groups all year round.

There are also office buildings available, should you choose to move your business. South West and Central West are two of the many areas that offer office space for sale; of course there are business properties up all over the city, so you can be sure to find one close to home.

You can be sure that with the right help from our agents, you will find your perfect home without a worry.

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