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what are brokerage services

There’s one reason Schneider's Transportation Management service has become one of the industry’s top brokers — we know how to help our customers move more freight, more cost effectively. We bring a lot more than the stability of 80 years in transportation and an unbeatable carrier base. We deliver the tools you need to get your business moving in the right direction.

  • You save cost by taking advantage of our purchasing power
    • We buy more than $200 million in transportation every year, and that gives you incredible purchasing leverage with a large base of carriers
    • Automated carrier prioritization tools optimize choices and find the best carrier for your freight, anywhere in North America
    • We have earned preferential treatment with many of our carriers, delivering highly competitive rates, and ensuring your freight is their top priority
  • One call gets you anywhere

    you need to go, any way you need to get there

    • Our freight brokers are experts in truckload, less-than-truckload, intermodal, refrigerated, and flatbed services
    • With one single point of contact, you can move just about any kind of freight anywhere in North America
  • Rest easier knowing we have your freight covered by the best of the best
    • We are very picky about the safety, security and professionalism of carriers we trust with your freight. Every one of the carriers in our network have passed through a rigorous qualification process
    • There are nearly 170,000 carriers in the US, only 16,135 have met our requirements

Find out just how much time, hassle and money you can save just by contacting one of our freight brokers by simply submitting a rate inquiry and see for yourself.

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