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5/15/15 - Posted Burbank - Its Place in the Sun (c. 1930). I'm rather surprised to learn that Burbank had such a major underwear manufacturing activity back then! Just when you think you know the place, Burbank surprises you.

4/21/15 - Look what I stumbled across. a 1973 film (shot in 1971) with a three minute scene showing zombies in the Ralph's at the corner of Victory and Buena Vista! 1971 Ralph's Footage from "Messiah of Evil". Hahaha! (If you are unhappy with the video quality you can do a youtube search for "Messiah of Evil" and advance to the 37:04 point of the complete movie.) By the way, be sure to check out my Burbank youtube playlist. Lots of material there.

4/8/15 - The Library of Congress website has an interesting collection of Burbank photos, almost all of which have something to do with Burbank's aerospace industry. The website is here. Also, "Mom's Night Out" at the Cornell Theater (thanks Bob Meza!), The Studio Motel on Olive and a Burbank citrus pennant.

3/16/15 - Sorry this website was down for a few days last week. For some reason, either google or MSN Microsoft ate up a bunch of my monthly allowed bandwidth on 2/18 and so I hit my limit for the month, causing the site to be suspended. (How is this not a denial of service attack?) I hope that doesn't happen again! Posted The Most Accident-Prone House in the County.

2/25/15 - Ever hear of Nellie Madison? She was convicted of murdering her husband Eric in town in 1934. It was a celebrated case and got lots of column space in the Los Angeles Times. Here's an assortment of Times columns about her from 1934 to 1942. Also, BPD Officer Andonie in his prowl car, 1969. Finally, an interesting bit of lore about the Lockheed P-38: "The Germans called it 'der Gabelschwanz Teufel' or 'fork-tailed devil' and steered clear of it when they could. Because of its two engines, the Japanese called it two planes with one pilot. American fliers tagged it the 'Round Trip Ticket,' since those two engines are reasonable assurance that they will make the homeward trip from fighting missions. The Lightning has been flown as far as 600 miles back to base, with one engine shot away.” Mike and I love that plane!

1/15/15 - Posted Burbank in "A Yank in the RAF" (1941). Not a very good film, not a lot of footage. But here it is!

1/14/15 - Happy New Year! Sorry there have been no updates for a couple of weeks, but I've been playing with grandsons. (My home situation has changed somewhat - it's a long story and has nothing to do with Burbankia. But if you have grandchildren you know how fun and distracting they are!)

12/31/14 - We end this year with Mike McDaniel's memories of the Golden Mall's Chicken Lady and Paranoid Lady captured in the Burbankers Remember page. Have a good Burbank story? Write us. Happy New Year!

E-Bay copy for the peepshow: "Fresh out of an estate is this rare projector with 9 peepshow 8mm films from the Movie Club Guild, Magnolia Park Station, Burbank California dated 1958. The Movie Club Guild offered "startling and dynamic party films" formerly seen only by Hollywood's inner circle of sophisticated producers." They were classified as peep show films. The film in the projector is about two women. The empty box with this lot says "Sisters" so the film in the projector must go in that box. The other 8 boxes have film in them and writing on the boxes are "Seen, Temp, Men, Trap, Lil, Babes, and Moods". One box has nothing stamped on the end and two reels are different from the others. The projector works fine. There is no brand on the projector. 7 of the films have Tayloreel Corporation Rochester New York. The 2 black reels says nothing on them. You hold the projector up to the light and crank the movie with the handle on the side to watch the movie. I have not watched the other movies but the one in the projector works just fine. All the reels and the projector are plastic."

Hahahaha! I thought this kind of thing was confined to Van Nuys.

11/10/14 - Posted 2014 results to the Big Game Page. Yeah, Bulldogs!

10/6/14 - Hey! We're in a video! Check it out: Burbank on Demand: "Early Burbank". Mike and I appear at the 3:38 point. Is this the fifteen minutes of fame promised to us by Andy Warhol?

9/30/14 - Posted Paul Watson's photos of a Army Air Corps A-17 single engine plane crash in town on 9/21/1938. It happened at 1007 Scott Rd.; it killed Maj. Gen. Oscar Westover and his mechanic and set fire to two homes and a parked car. A-17 Plane Crash (9/21/1938) - 1. A-17 Plane Crash (9/21/1938) - 2. A-17 Plane Crash (9/21/1938) - 3. A-17 Plane Crash (9/21/1938) - 4.

9/24/14 - Posted Burbank Home Roofing Co. sign. The story behind it by Elaine Pease: "During restoration in 2006 I removed the stucco from the front of my 1924 house on Kenneth Road. This sign was under the stucco, nailed to the framing. Apparently the sign was put up as an advertisement for the contractor, and the crew had stuccoed over it instead of removing it. The original red tile roof was still on when I re-roofed 82 years later. It seems the roof far surpassed its 20 year life expectancy!" Also posted Southern 4-4-0 train in Burbank, 2/8/1940. I added a couple of Burbank video links: 8mm home movies: Burbank, CA (?) 1940s, RC airplanes and Lockheed Hudson, P-38s - Burbank Airport (1941).

Finally, a mention of Burbanker Claude C. Slate, who was a designer for armaments for Hughes Tool Co. in Houston. Bomb-hoisting. Bombing armament. Ammunition booster.

9/18/14 - Ever since I read that the Verdugo fault is apparent from the cul-de-sac at Churchs Ct. off Sunset Canyon, I've wanted a photo or two. So here they are: Verdugo Fault at Churchs Ct. - 1 and Verdugo Fault at Churchs Ct. - 2. And here's a 1934 drawing of the Burbank (Verdugo) Fault line.

My 1974 classmate Matt Swain sent me this photo of Burbank, 1939/1940 and writes, "This is a photo of a photo of Burbank taken roughly 1939 or 1940.  As I figure it, it had to be after the 1938 floods, since the channel of the L.A. river has been concreted, and I am sure that this took place following the flood, since the flood caused significant damage to Bette Davis's house which was down near Riverside and Victory.  It is also before any major construction at the Disney Studios. This photo is from the Disney library and was given to my dad, who worked for Disney for 42 years, by one of the staff photographers. The photo shows a great view of the western and northern portions of Burbank.  Clearly visible on the far side of the valley is the Mussano house, which is the house where Stella Mussano Klinger lived as a girl. The white house was built in 1935 and located at the intersection of Scott Road and Kenneth Road.  The house was immediately adjacent to my folks house (hence the reason for it being given to my dad) on Purvis Drive and Kenneth Road (constructed 31 years later).  The surrounding acreage was planted in grape vineyards which stretched from the mountains down to around Glenoaks Blvd. Of greater interest to most are many of the other Burbank landmarks.  Clearly visible are the San Val drive-in theatre, Lockheed Plant B-1 and John Burroughs High School."

Added a couple of new 1938 and 1940 links to the Laura Ingalls page.

I have some more material, but I have to do some website cleanup in order to make space to fit it in. Give me a day or two, depending upon how long it takes my web site hosting company to get back to me on a technical question.

9/10/14 - The Burbankia 3 Slide Show was great and it was lots of fun to meet you! We had about 240 people in the Buena Vista Library on the 4th. standing room only! Here is the entire presentation in five parts (total running time, 90 minutes):

8/22/14 - Added a link to a Caltech General geology of the Verdugo Mountains page. Note

the links at bottom. Do you live near the Burbank fault?

8/20/14 - Added Julie Grimm Gregg's childhood memories to the Burbankers Remember article.

7/31/14 - There was once a time in Burbank when clever, enterprising young men could build hobby aircraft in their backyards! Here's four photos of that, with captions from the back: Backyard airplane 1. Backyard airplane 2. Backyard airplane 3. Backyard airplane 4. A little biography of Joe Pfeifer is here. Apparently he liked to build repro World War I aircraft using car engines!

7/23/14 - The intrepid folks who work at City Hall found some sites of interest: The Donna Martin Graduates Protest Site (aka, City Hall in the media), Hollywood Historic photos and Dear Old Hollywood (scroll down for Burbank in the film noir Pushover ).

7/17/14 - I'm done with the Burbankia slides for the presentation on 4 September (hope to see you there) - hooray! Remember, Thursday, 4 September, Buena Vista Library, 7 PM. Posted Jayne Mansfield and two Burbank firemen, 1955 and Early postcard of St. Joseph's Hospital.

6/13/14 - Mike and I will be working on some interesting information in regard to the locations of World War II artillery emplacements throughout Burbank. So. Do any of you old-timers have any information to share? Write me.

6/12/14 - One of Burbank's historic sites (1899) is about to disappear! The details are at the bottom of the Turkey Crossing page.

5/21/14 - There is only one fault line running through Burbank, and here it is. Added Verdugo Fault line map. (Does anyone have a better depiction of it?)

5/2/14 - Yes, I took a month off for the first time in six years! There were out of state grandchilden to be seen, and then I caught the worst case of bronchitis I've had in decades. And I'm also now working on the Burbankia III slideshow for September.

I also included some new information about early Burbank photographer DeLos Wilbur from his granddaughter (!) and added this to the appropriate page.

1/22/14 - Posted The Old Vickroy Park (1988). A remembrance not only of my son, but of the old neighborhood park I used to play in as a kid. And The Shoe!

1/15/14 - Posted Magnolia Drug in 1920 (note Pumpkin Building at right). Pacific Red Car, Glenoaks and Cypress, 1948. Chopper Chick on Glenoaks. Also, a goodbye to long time Burbank business Electronic City. which shut its doors on 31 December 2013. As a BHS high school student in electronics shop, I loved this place and shopped here frequently.

A tip of the hat to Burbank business The Old Crow Speed Shop. You know what's really cool about this place? They make race cars out of Lockheed P-38 Lightning belly tanks. Is that cool or what? Finally, the only thing cooler than that. pencil it in:

The Third Burbankia Slide Show!

History and Lore of Burbank!

Hosted by Mike McDaniel and Wes Clark

Thursday, 4 September 2014, 7 PM

Buena Vista Branch Library

Hope to see you there!

1/6/14 - Happy New Year! We begin it with a look into the recent Burbank High School past (2002), when they took the campus Mike and I knew and loved and turned it into rubble to make way for the new BHS. Photo album here.

12/5/13 - Posted Duane Thaxton's memories of Sargeant's Restaurant to the Burbankers Remember article.

YAY US! Burbankia has now been available on the Internet for ten years. I'd offer you cake and ice cream somewhere (the corner of San Fernando and Olive, perhaps?) if I could, but, this being the Internet, I can't. Ten years is a long time for web sites, which come and go. Mike and I are proud of all the content we've put up here since we started and look forward to adding lots more!

11/13/13 - Here's an interesting tale that I think is mostly forgotten about in town these days: Murder on Lincoln Street! - The 1933 Tom Bay Case.

Also added a British Pathe short to the Maurice Poirier page (scroll to bottom) and added Ken Taylor's text about the BHS Arcade/"Bridge of Sighs" to the Burbankers Remember article.

10/2/13 - Added Mike McDaniel's alley memories to the Burbankers Remember article.

9/24/13 - Added Burbank's Wild Parrots - there are a number of videos like this on youtube, but this one is representative. Where did these parrots come from? The story is that they were released into the Los Angeles area skies after Busch Gardens closed, but this sounds like an urban legend to me. I don't know; I haven't researched it. Yet. Also posted Frank Hawkins Orchestra at the Moose Hall, 1939.

9/20/13 - Added Golden Mall Parade, 1967, San Fernando Rd. My associate on this page, Mike McDaniel, loves Lincoln Continentals. If he were watching this parade as a twelve year-old I'm sure he wanted to run up, knock Mickey and Pluto off the car, and wrest control of the steering wheel away from the driver to take the Lincoln home. Thanks for the photo, Debbe Bowser Smith!

9/13/13 - Added World premiere of Blazing Saddles (7 Feb 1974), Pickwick drive-in theater. People were encouraged to watch on horseback. The last scene, where the mob spills out onto Olive Ave. is here. Also added Johnny Carson cites Burbank points of interest.

9/3/13 - Stop whatever it is you are doing and listen to a modern olde-tymey performance of Code Morgan's honorific song "In Burbank " here. Video by Vincent Precht - well done! Also, added Arnold McMunn's memories to the Burbankers Remember article.

7/17/13 - Did you know a firm named Earthmaster used to manufacture tractors in Burbank? I didn't. Article here. A magazine article is here. Also, posted The "Owl" train, 1930's, in Burbank.

6/21/13 - Added Don Ray's comments about the proposed Valley Hotel to the Jeffries Barn article (scroll to bottom). Thanks, Don!

6/19/13 - Added Thrifty Drug Store in the 1960's to the Burbankers Remember article.

5/20/13 - Posted a lot more data to the Laura Ingalls: Aviator, Nazi Agent and Burbank Mata Hari page. Be sure to check out the video link at the bottom of the page (additional links at the right on the stock footage website under "related clips") - they show old newsreel film footage of what is supposed to be Burbank. Also, added more of Jim Voigt's stories to Burbankers Remember.

5/17/13 - Just when you think you know a lot about Burbank history, you stumble across more interesting information! Posted Laura Ingalls: Aviator, Nazi Agent and Burbank Mata Hari. Fascinating!

5/15/13 - Added my Gunny Sack Slide Ride piece to the Burbankers Remember article.

5/13/13 - Added Jim Voigt's Post-war bubble gum article Burbankers Remember.

5/8/13 - She's a girl! She's a bomb! Burbank High Girl Inspires Who Song. (Note: Another BHS girl inspired the Beach Boys' "Be True to Your School ." An inspirational bunch, these girls. ) Also posted Burbank Choppers.

5/6/13 - Added Jim Peel's Burbank Boulevard Memories (1952-1957) and Jim Voigt's Circus Memories to Burbankers Remember.

5/2/13 - Posted Battle of Cam Lo. a song by "Doc" Ken Walker about Cpl. Larry Maxam, loaded onto a youtube video by Cathy Palmer. The Cpl. Maxam page is here.

4/25/13 - 45 years ago, as I lay on a sofa in my Lincoln Street home watching an evening broadcast of James Cagney as Lon Chaney, Sr. in Man of a Thousand Faces (1957), a murder was taking place in the parking lot of a Grismer Street apartment building. This was the famous Cheryl Perveler Case, which we have unaccountably not covered. I remedy that here.

4/17/13 - Posted a couple of Burbank nighttime shots that are DVD captures from the 1975 film Night Moves . San Fernando Road at night, 1973. Magnolia Theater at night, 1973. (The film is quite good, by the way. A neo-noir, it takes place in Burbank. BTW: It was released in 1975 but shot in 1973.)

4/15/13 - Posted more Burbank Business matchbooks onto the Photos page (scroll nearly to bottom).

4/12/13 - Posted Burbank Paramedic program begins (1975). Also, posted a new section of Burbank Business matchbooks onto the Photos page (scroll nearly to bottom).

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