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Transfer certificated shares

what are certificated shares

We offer two different types of transfer service. The service you will need to use is dependent on whether the shares, you wish to transfer, are currently held in certificated format or electronically held, without certificate, as part of a Corporate Sponsored Nominee (CSN) service.

All UK companies offer certificated shares. However, only certain companies offer Corporate Sponsored Nominee holdings; please see the following list of participating companies .

How to.

For certificated shares you will need to download and complete a Stock Transfer form.

If the shares are held in Barclays PLC, you will need to download and complete the Stock Transfer form below.

For advice on Stamp Duty, that might be required whilst completing your Stock Transfer form, please refer to the HMRC website .

For all types of transfer, if the sole shareholder or one of the joint shareholders has died, the death will need to be formally registered before a transfer can take place.

If you wish to give your shares to charity, please complete the Sharegift Transfer form. This form and the associated guidance notes can be downloaded here.


further assistance please go to

Whilst transferring shares, we can arrange for any future dividend payments to be directly paid into the bank/building society of the transferee.

To arrange this, if the transferee has a registered UK bank/building society, please ask the transferee to sign and complete the ‘Payments Direct to your Bank or Building Society Account’ section on page 3 of the form. This can then be returned with the completed Transfer form and share certificate(s).

For transferees who live outside of the UK and would like to receive any future dividend payments direct to a bank account registered outside of the UK, we offer an Overseas Payment service to a number of countries.

Please ask the transferee to download and complete the applicable form and guidance notes from the list of Overseas Payment Service Forms .

Please note: A small fee is deducted prior to the funds being credited to your overseas account and is detailed on the Overseas form/ guidance notes.

The transferor will need to return the completed Overseas Payment Service form with the completed Transfer form and share certificate(s).

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