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what are community indicators

Welcome to a flexible, module-based reporting solution for viewing and downloading geographically referenced statistics for Pinellas County, FL. This tool allows for intra-County quality-of-life comparisons by Census Tract or ZIP Code, as well as comparisons between Pinellas County and other counties in Florida. Where possible, data is provided for multiple years to allow for the examination of trends over time.

Quality of life is reflected in the indicators associated with the Desired Results that we would like to see for all members of the community. Currently, four Desired Results have been articulated:
  • Every person has the opportunity to learn and succeed. All people in Pinellas County have the opportunity to acquire the skills, training and education needed to be economically self-sufficient, productive contributors to society.
  • Every person is physically and mentally healthy. All people in Pinellas County have the means and ability to achieve a state of physical and mental well being.
  • Every person lives in a safe and sustainable community. All people in Pinellas

    County live in a socially supportive, crime-free neighborhood that is part of an economically vibrant community.

  • Every person has stable and affordable housing. All people in Pinellas County have an affordable, sturdy home that is free of hazards.
  • Achieving community-wide impact in one or more of the desired results demands the coordinated efforts of all members of the community. The website provides timely access to statistics and dynamic data visualization tools to help facilitate these efforts.

    The website is an initiative of the Juvenile Welfare Board: Childrens Service Council of Pinellas County ; and, it is hosted on resources provided by Pinellas County Business and Technology Services (BTS). Before moving beyond this homepage and utilizing resources on this website, please be sure that you understand and agree to the disclaimer and conditions of use.

    You do not need to register to access data on this site; however, registered users can create and maintain lists of favorites. Registered users are also notified when important data or functionality is added to the site.

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