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Green Peppers, Mushrooms & Onions for Weight Loss

You can’t go wrong when eating green peppers, mushrooms and onions on a weight-loss program. Eating these three vegetables helps you maintain a well-balanced, nutritious and low-calorie diet plan. Green… Read More

Is It Healthy to Cut Back Food Consumption to Lose Weight?

When you're ready to lose weight, the first thing that likely comes to mind is to cut back on the amount of food you eat. In most cases, this is… Read More

Are Split Peas Good for Weight Loss?

Split peas are a nutrient-dense food, providing significant amounts of protein, fiber, iron, folate, thiamine, pantothenic acid, vitamin K, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, copper and zinc. They are also lower… Read More

Does Red Cabbage Promote Weight Loss?

Hearing about the cabbage soup diet may have given you the idea that cabbage has some special weight-loss promoting capability, but any weight loss on this fad diet is from… Read More

Does the Ankle Circles Exercise Make Ankles Skinny?

Fat ankles, often referred to as cankles, can make you resort to wearing long pants and boots. Being overweight might be one of the reasons why you have excess fat… Read More

Should You Cut Out Milk When Trying to Lose Fat?

If you enjoy drinking milk, you don't need to give it up just to lose weight. In fact, some components of milk might even improve your weight-loss results. Continuing to… Read More

How to Optimize Your Cardio to Burn Fat Faster

Cardio, such as running, biking or swimming, ranks as one of the most important ways to keep yourself fit and healthy, reports the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.… Read More

How to Burn Off Fat Quickly

Rapid fat loss requires strategies that are hard to maintain long-term. Weight lost too quickly is mostly water weight or lean muscle, so it will quickly be gained back. If… Read More

Site That Rates Weight-Loss Programs

Whether you are looking to lose a little or a lot of weight, the diet and nutrition industry is an ocean of good, bad and fad weight-loss programs. If you… Read More

How to Lose the Freshman Fifteen and How to Conquer Unnecessary Calories

The "freshman 15" is a light-hearted expression that reflects an all-too-common reality for many new college students. With all-you-can-eat dining halls and no one overseeing how much students eat, gaining… Read More

Simple Workplace Exercises That Slim Down the Tummy

If you are like many women today, your work days are busy and leave little time for the gym. Additionally, many working women are fighting excess weight around the mid-line… Read More

Things That Affect Daily Weighing

If you’re one to hop on the scale every day, odds are, that number is never the same. All kinds of things affect the number you see, from your diet… Read More

Does the Elliptical Bicycle Burn Fat?

An elliptical machine is commonly used as an alternative to the traditional treadmill. Since using an elliptical requires more effort than a treadmill, you may believe the additional effort means… Read More

How Long Will it Take to Lose 50 Pounds With a 1,200-Calorie Diet?

Eating 1,200 calories a day is often appropriate for women – and some men – for effective weight loss, according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. The amount… Read More

How Does Getting More Sleep Help You Lose Stomach Fat?

Your training routine and diet are in check, but that stubborn stomach fat just won't budge. It would appear that you're doing everything right, but you could be missing one… Read More

Chocolate Fix for People on a Diet

There is that one craving that never seems to go away, the craving for chocolate. Unfortunately, chocolate is typically a high-calorie treat containing saturated fats and added sugars. Chocolate can… Read More

Losing Weight Steadily

There's a reason fad diets and quick fixes are so popular in the weight-loss world -- when you want to drop pounds, you want it to be quick and painless.… Read More

Three Essential Elements of Good Weight Loss

From fad diets and health shakes to weight-loss programs and celebrity exercise DVDs, there are many options to choose from if you want to drop some extra pounds and get… Read More

Is It More Wise to Rest or Exercise After a Heavy Meal?

You had a little -- or a lot -- too much to eat. It happens to the best of us. But now, you feel heavy, lethargic and maybe a bit… Read More

How to Lose Weight With Gratitude

According to a University of California researcher, gratitude is key to attaining a stress-free and happy life, both of which are essential to weight loss. Those individuals displaying gratitude tend… Read More

Steps to Slim Down

More than one-third of the American population suffers from obesity. Causing diabetes and heart disease, that extra "fluff" around the midriff can be burned off with a nutritious diet and… Read More

Good Workout Ethic to Burn Fat Quickly

Burning fat quickly is the same as burning it effectively. Cardio alone contributes to about 10 percent of your fat loss. The most effective way to burn body fat is… Read More

Different Diets to Go on to Lose 10 Pounds

According to PRWeb, an estimated 75 million Americans are dieting, and the weight loss market is worth over $60 billion in the United States alone. Yet, many highly effective diets… Read More

How to Lose Weight in the Trunk Area of the Body

Losing excess weight from your trunk area can improve your appearance and health. This area, which consists of your chest and back, also includes your abdomen, which is often a… Read More

How to Lose Weight for Your Birthday

Being able to show off your hard work and commitment to being healthy and losing weight is much easier when you set a deadline, such as a birthday. Deadlines allow… Read More

How to Shrink Your Waist With Yoga

In order to lose belly fat, you have to lose body fat. The best way to lose body fat is through a combination of healthy eating, cardiovascular exercise and strength… Read More

How to Build Self Discipline Yourself to Lose Weight

Years of poor eating habits and a lack of exercise can leave you with pounds of excess weight. Even worse, those habits and choices can block the way to healthy… Read More

When You Lose Weight the Healthy Way, Is it Easier for Your Body to Keep the Weight Off?

Although it’s likely to take longer to reach your goals, making the extra effort to lose weight the healthy way will pay off. While you may be tempted to go… Read More

How to Evaluate Weight Loss

Tracking progress is a critical component of any long term goal -- especially weight loss. If you're on the quest to shed some unwanted weight, evaluating your weight loss along… Read More

The Best Way to Lose Weight if You Have Tried Unsuccessfully

More than two-thirds of adult Americans are classified as overweight or obese, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Weight loss is a profitable industry, but unfortunately many people… Read More

How Does Archery Burn Calories?

If you’re looking for a new hobby or have previous experience with archery, you’ll find joy in knowing that the sport certainly burns some calories. While it isn’t too physically… Read More

If You Weigh 400 Pounds, How Much Weight Can You Lose in One Month?

Weighing 400 pounds classifies you as obese, according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Although weight-loss surgery is often appropriate for obese individuals who have failed using other… Read More

How to Lose Weight With Quinoa

Although your total calorie intake is most important for successful weight loss, the food you choose for your meal plan affects your calorie intake. Quinoa is a whole grain that… Read More

How to Lose Weight With a Management Program

Losing weight can seem like an uphill battle, especially after years of poor health habits and a lack of direction. However, it's important to remember that weight management programs are… Read More

What Causes You to Lose Weight & Gain It Right Back?

Although 103 million Americans successfully lost weight in 2010-2011, two-thirds of the dieters were unable to keep it off, according to a survey conducted by the Calorie Control Council. Maintaining… Read More

Bike Commute for Weight Loss

Combined with a healthy eating plan, commuting to work by bike regularly will help you meet your weight-loss goals. Biking to work instead of driving significantly boosts your caloric expenditure,… Read More

How Many Minutes Per Day Do You Have to Work Out to Get Fit?

Exercising on a regular basis helps you maintain a normal body weight while increasing energy and endurance levels. It also reduces your chances of developing obesity, high blood pressure and… Read More

How to Jump Rope With a Partner

Jumping rope can help you get regular cardiovascular exercise, which plays an important role in keeping your heart and lungs healthy. This exercise can also help you lose weight. Jump… Read More

Eating Less Vs. Exercising & Eating Same Amount for Weight Loss

More than one-third of the adult population in the United States is obese, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes. Obesity has been linked with serious medical conditions such… Read More

How to Flatten the Lower-Belly Area in Women

The lower-belly area can be a problem zone, even for otherwise fit people. Particularly if you've had children, it can be tough to get your stomach muscles to bounce back.… Read More

Can Yoga Make You Look Younger?

Yoga is rapidly increasing in popularity -- "Yoga Journal" reports that 20.4 million Americans practiced yoga in 2012, as compared to 15.8 million in 2008. While yoga won't reverse the… Read More

Can You Get a Flat Stomach After Three Kids?

Getting your tummy flat after multiple pregnancies is not as hopeless as you may be thinking. With a bit of commitment and activity, you’ll wonder why you were concerned whether… Read More

Is it Unhealthy to Use a Sauna After a Workout?

If you enjoy sweating it out in a sauna after your workout, you're not alone. It's a nice way to relax your muscles and soothe your body. According to Harvard… Read More

Effectiveness of the Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell workouts have been around since the 1700s when they were developed by Russian strongmen. In recent years, they have returned in a more modern fashion in gym classes and… Read More

Eating Tips & Exercises to Get Rid of Stomach Fat

Excess abdominal fat places you at an increased risk for major health issues, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Even if you're at a normal weight overall, carrying that… Read More

Is Yoga or a Gym the Best Way to Lose Weight?

Once you've decided that losing weight has risen to the top of your fitness wish list, it's time to develop your calorie-burning workout to help you get results. If you've… Read More

Can You Get a Flat Stomach Just by Walking and Going on a Diet?

While spot reduction is impossible, walking and watching what you eat can help you lose weight and tone up all over, including your stomach. If you are looking to lose… Read More

How to Improve Your Lat Muscles Without a Gym

Two classic lat exercises are the cable pull-down and the assisted or non-assisted pull-up. The lats, short for latissimus dorsi, are the largest muscles of your torso, extending from your… Read More

Does Running on Hills Make You Lose Calories?

Running on hills can annihilate calories, if you are up to the challenge. While moderate aerobic activity on flat land, like running on a track or a treadmill, is efficient… Read More

How to Breathe After a Workout

It might be tempting to

stop and completely rest after a tough workout -- your body is tired and so are you. But before you check out after your workout,… Read More

How Can Men Lose Weight & Build Muscle by Only Doing Bench Presses?

The bench press works your chest, shoulder and tricep muscles, but also hits your core and lower body to a lesser degree. It is a staple exercise in many bodybuilding,… Read More

Recommended Exercises for Females Losing Weight

It seems like you gained that extra 25 pounds overnight, but losing it can take months or even years. Cardio, also called aerobic exercise, is beneficial for losing weight; however,… Read More

Running and Walking Programs for Losing Weight

Running and walking both burn loads of calories. Alone or combined, both of these workouts can help you lose weight. If you want to lose weight quickly, stick with a… Read More

Can Running Burn the Last Bit of Belly Fat?

Extra pounds tend to park themselves on your midsection, and it seems that stubborn belly fat is always the last thing to disappear. You cannot selectively shed fat from your… Read More

What Is the Easiest Aerobic Exercise to Lose a Pound?

Losing weight is far from easy, but designing a weight loss program around the most basic and simple aerobic exercise of all -- walking -- helps make it a bit… Read More

Does Yoga Get Rid of Fat on Your Hips and Stomach?

If you've been peeking through the door of the yoga class at your gym but haven't quite mustered up the bravery to grab a spot on the floor, take the… Read More

How to Lose 50 Lbs Without Exercise

Exercise can help you lose weight, but it's not absolutely necessary. If you're injured, too busy or just hate to work out, you can still lose weight. It just means… Read More

Online Yoga Techniques to Lose Stomach Fat

Losing stomach fat is challenging under any circumstances, but especially if you're stressed out. According to Harvard Medical School's Harvard Health Publications, the stress hormone cortisol is linked specifically to… Read More

Do Leg Lifts Help You Lose Weight?

To lose weight, you need to burn more calories through activity and eat fewer at meals and snack time. Leg lifts may be a common addition in fitness routines from… Read More

20 Secrets to Fat Loss

Eat less, exercise more.That’s the simple solution to anyone’s weight loss questions. But if it were that easy, more people would be in great shape. Turns out, some of your… Read More

How to Calibrate a Mechanical Scale

Whether you're baking, trying to lose weight or doing science experiments, it's important that your scale be properly calibrated. Without accurate data, you may not get the results you desire.… Read More

How Can I Tighten the Skin on My Abdomen if I Lost a Lot of Weight?

Losing a large amount of weight is an accomplishment to be proud of. It takes willpower to stick with a diet and exercise plan long enough to really make a… Read More

How to Drop a Pant Size in a Week

Dropping one pant size in seven days is a difficult task, but with dedication, exercise and the right diet, you can make it happen. If you need to slim down… Read More

How to Get a Smaller Waist in a Week

Unless liposuction is an option, reducing just one area of the body is not possible. If you desire to get a smaller waist, you must focus on reducing fat from… Read More

What Are the Benefits of Ace Bandage Body Wraps?

Modern body wraps are intended to promote benefits like inch loss and detoxification through the placement of warmed combinations of algae, seaweed and mud on the body. The original version… Read More

How to Lose the Pear Shape Figure

Someone with a "pear shape" carries extra weight around the hips. A study at the Children's Hospital in Boston found that pear-shaped individuals have lower levels of insulin than individuals… Read More

How to Get a Lean, Chiseled Look

Besides the health benefits, being in shape can improve your physique. Getting a lean, chiseled look involves a combination of proper diet, cardiovascular exercise, and weight training. It can be… Read More

How to Get a Curvier Waist

To achieve a curvy, hour-glass silhouette, you should follow a weight loss program to remove excess fat that is stored around your waist and abdomen, and commit to exercises that… Read More

How to Slim Down in a Day

If we could get weight off as fast as we put it on, it would be a perfect world. Slimming down in a day is possible in some ways as… Read More

How to Get a Small Waist in 2 Weeks

Having a smaller waist improves the way you feel about yourself and benefits your health. Excess fat in the waist increases your risk of heart attacks, diabetes and high blood… Read More

How to Make Your Belly Smaller

Reducing the size of your belly benefits your health. Having excess belly fat puts you at an increased risk for diabetes, certain cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.… Read More

How to Get Rid of Dimply Thighs

If the thought of trying on a swimsuit sends you into a panic, it might be time to conquer those dimply thighs. Dimpled skin, known as cellulite, is the accumulation… Read More

How to Lose Omentum Fat

The omentum is an apron-like flap of tissue in the abdomen, which lies beneath the abdominal muscles and cushions the intestines and intra-abdominal organs. Fat tissue stored within the omentum… Read More

How to Eat Lemons With Salt

Raw, squeezed or added to recipes, lemons are not only beneficial to your health but they also taste good. Some people prefer their lemons sweeter while others enjoy the taste… Read More

Ideas for Biggest Loser Challenges

"The Biggest Loser" has become one of the most popular and inspirational reality shows on television. The basis of the show is for a group of contestants, who have varying… Read More

Cellular Cleansing Diets

With so many different diet plans that all claim to provide instant results, it can be difficult to know which diet to follow. Losing weight is about more than just… Read More

How to Drop 2 Waist Sizes

A smaller waist can improve your entire figure. Many clothes are built with the ideal figure in mind, which is based on a shapely waist. What constitutes a waist size… Read More

How to Get to Size 0

Size 0 is a cultural obsession in the United States. The fashion industry and the media promote tiny women with nearly unattainable figures. Not everyone is meant to be a… Read More

Research Paper Ideas Related to Weight Loss

If you are studying nutrition, the subject of weight loss is likely a very common matter of discussion in your coursework. During your study, you may be required to write… Read More

How to Do the Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is a low-carb, low-fat, high-protein diet used to change your eating habits and help you lose weight and keep it off. It was created by Dr. Pierre… Read More

Tips for Kids on How to Get Skinny

To stay in optimal health, no matter what age you are, it is important to be physically fit. With children, excess weight can lead to a lot of potentially dangerous… Read More

How to Tighten a Middle Age Pouch

As you age, you gain more belly fat. In aging women, estrogen levels, which influence fat distribution, decrease. As a result, more fat gets stored in the belly. Aging men… Read More

What Are the Most Powerful Appetite Suppressants?

Appetite suppressants work by tricking the body into thinking it isn't hungry. Some appetite suppressants are available over the counter while others require a prescription. Doctors may recommend the use… Read More

How to Fast With Spirulina

When you decide to go on a fast, choosing what nutrients to put into your body is vital to your success. Whether your goal is weight loss, a clear complexion… Read More

How to Get Thinner Inner Thighs Quickly

Many women wish for thinner inner thighs, but spot reducing excess fat on your body is a fantasy that will never come true. Not only does the thigh area naturally… Read More

How to Stop Hunger When Fasting

People fast for various reasons: weight loss, overall body detoxification and religious purposes, but fasting can also make a person keel over in pain with hunger. Fasting has many positive… Read More

What Happens If You Drink Only Water for a Week?

Early 20th-century health and fitness guru Bernarr Macfadden chronicles his seven-day, water-only fast in his book "Fasting, Hydropathy and Exercise." Macfadden, a weak child and teen, advocated short periods of… Read More

How to Get a Thinner Neck

Excess fat in your neck can be the result of genetics, being overweight or aging. Bodybuilders and exercise fanatics can also over-develop the neck muscles, making it thicker. If your… Read More

The Dangers of Primobolan

Primobolan is a trade name for a drug called methenolone. Methenolone is a synthetic anabolic steroid. It comes in pill form or as an injection. Primobolan is a banned substance… Read More

How to Become Skinny in a Week

To lose weight and look fit, the best option is consistent diet and exercise. However, in some instances, people need to get skinny quickly for an upcoming photo shoot or… Read More

Weight-Loss Contest Ideas

Weight-loss contests promote exercise and dieting. A weight-loss contest can be used as a motivational tool or simply as a fun competition between friends. There are many possible ideas for… Read More

How to Compare Weight Loss Between Men & Women

A good way to compare weight loss results between men and women is to calculate the percentage of weight lost and compare those results. This will also account for the… Read More

How to Get Skinny in 6 Months

If you want to get skinny and get rid of extra fat on your body, you should take on a healthy approach. Unhealthy diets and quick weight loss may result… Read More

How to Become Fat From Thin

When you think about diet and exercise, you probably think about losing weight. However, you may also fall into the relatively small group of people that are underweight, or feel… Read More

How to Measure Your Body for Inches Lost in Weight

Standing on the scale is not always a good indication of weight loss. If you incorporate strength training into your exercise routine, there is a chance you may gain weight.… Read More

How to Use Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss

Fasting is used in a variety of durations and intensities all over the world for cultural, spiritual, health related and practical purposes. When fasting for fat loss, perform it in… Read More

How to Lose Weight With Fiber & Water

If you have struggled with your weight for years, dieting can seem like a daunting task. In order to make losing weight more manageable, look for small steps you can… Read More

How to Eat Only Breakfast and Lunch for Weight Loss

If you are on a diet, you may be frustrated because you don't seem to be losing much weight. Many diets are available from which to choose, such as a… Read More

The Best Exercise Routines to Firm and Tone Flabby Legs

Many women are insecure about having flabby legs and try to hide it under baggy pants. This condition can happen if the person does not have enough muscle or too… Read More

How to Lose Weight With Flax Seeds

Flax is an annual plant about 4 feet in height and harvested for its seeds, which have numerous health benefits and are used in recipes or as supplements. Not only… Read More

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