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What are issued shares

what are issued shares


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  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

E-Mail Package (LLP)

£30.95 +VAT

Whats Included. Whats Included:

Certificate of Incorporation in PDF Format - (E-Mailed to you)

Fully Written up Company Register - (E-Mailed to you)

Member Certificate(s) - (E-Mailed to you)

Fully Written up Company Register - (E-Mailed to you)

Share Certificate(s) - (E-Mailed to you)

Whats Included.

Whats Included:

If you wish to Protect a Company Name or just create a Non-Trading or Dormant Company then our Name Reserve Package is just for you. For our Name Reserve Package we will incorporate a company with your choice of name. The company will

be incorporated using our Registered Office address in Doncaster and with CFS acting as Director, Secretary and Shareholder. There will be nothing more to pay. If, after a year, you do not require the company then simply let us know and we will close the company down for you. If you require the name to continue to be registered, an annual fee of £85.00 will become due. We will then file the Annual Return and Dormant Accounts. Alternatively you can take over the company at any time. Just advise us and we can change the details over to you. There will be an administration charge of £75.00 to change the ownership over to you. All prices quoted are plus VAT.

Whats Included.

Whats Included:

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