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How do you calculate weight loss

how do you calculate weight loss

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The first thing you will want to do is calculate how many weight watchers points you are allowed each day. There is a link at the bottom for how to calculate your daily weight watchers point limit. It is based on your height, weight, and activity level. This will be your target for how many points you can eat everyday. In addition to that you will get 35 flex points! You can use those however you want however to lose more weight on Weight Watchers try not to lose them.

Now that you know how many Weight Watchers points you can eat everyday, you need to be able to calculate how many Weight Watchers points are in the food you are eating. There is a resource at the bottom of the page for how to do

this at home. You can also calculate Weight Watchers points using a website like that calculates it for you. There are also sites that have lists of generic weight watchers points values like .

Add in Activity! You need to start being active to help your weight loss with weight watchers. Aim for around 20-25 activity points a week. A good calculator is at .

Create an accountability system for yourself! One reason weight watchers is so successful is because people weigh in every week and learn about weight loss. Set up your own weight watchers club by enlisting family and friends. Weigh in each week and celebrate your successes. Talk about great new food finds and recipes and share strategies. This will keep you on track to losing weight and being successful at Weight Watchers at home.

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