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What are success indicators

what are success indicators


Zach @TruthInMarketing says

Woah…this is some serious business/marketing theory here.

Haha I have a new site and have found your content very helpful for motivating me to keep going.

So if I understand this post correctly, KPI’s are basically goals? And CSF’s are ways that we measure success? Kind of? I dunno.

Is it lame if I have a KPI for this month of attaining 10 unique visitors to my site a day? lol sigh…

Anyways, thanks!

Jonathan says

Charlie Gilkey says

Hi Jonathan! Yes, CSF equals cause, KPI equals effect. Another way to think about this is that KPIs are lagging indicators – they only manifest after the lead (CSFs) indicators happen.

Resources and capabilities come in

prior to CSFs and after the KPIs. Here’s why: it takes resources & capabilities to generate effects, and the effects are often resources & capabilities.

Example: it takes a team of 5 people and $25,000 of resources to work on Project X. If the CSFs are accurate and well-articulated – and the team executes on them – there will be some metrics and indicators of success. Some of those metrics and indicators would be increased resources and capabilities, assuming it’s a successful project.

The reverse is true, for a project gone wrong depletes an organization of capabilities and resources.

Does this help?

Jonathan says

Elvis says

I’m not clear about the difference between CSF and KPI

Damots says

hussein says

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