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Choose Your Weidmuller Terminal Block Series

Terminal Block Overview

For all applications that require connecting wires together, you just can't make a better choice than Weidmuller's DIN-Ral Mounted terminal blocks. There are five excellent reasons for making Weidmuller DIN-Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks your choice for demanding applications.

1. Efficient Use of Space

Weidmuller terminal blocks mount on industry standard DIN-rail. proiding an excellent complement to other rail-mounted products like power supplies, contactors, etc. They can easily be combined to create the configuration required by your application.

2. Safe and Secure Connections

Accidental contact with live circuits or metal parts can damage equipement as well as cause serious injury to personnel. With Weidmuller terminal blocks, every effort has been made to elimiate the potential for accidents. The design of most of Weidmuller's modular DIN-rail mounted terminal blocks reduces the exposure to current carrying components and helps insure the safety of the equipment operators.

Insulated, touch-safe design

All current carrying parts are completely insulated for touch-safe, dead-front operation. Screws are recessed to avoid the potential for shock or injury.

Insulated, recessed parallel jumpers

Jumpers for the W-Series, Z-Series, and I-Series terminal block product lines are fully insulated and installed in a recessed center channel. The ability to do double row jumpering reduces the need for external jumper combs. With the WDU 2.5 terminal block, innovative pluggable jumpers allow up to three rows of jumpers to be inserted into the the jumper channel.

3. Fast and Easy Installation

Weidmuller understands that careful design yields increased eficiency for customers. We pay attention to the details that make your installation easier.

Screw and tension clamp terminals feature funneled wire entries and molded wire stops to insure that properly stripped wires will be inserted to the proper length and clamped securely. Weidmuller's screw clamp terminals are shipped with clamps in the open position

to reduce installation time. Tension clamp and IDC terminals provide wire entry from the top for ease of installation even in confined locations. The IDC blocks also eliminated the need for wire stripping.

The marking aras on Weidmuller's modular DIN-rail mounted terminal blocks allow application specific (or custom) marking, thereby reducing the need for other labels.

As an additional service, SCS also offers fully customized and pre-assembled complete terminal block rail assemblies on DIN rail cut to your specifications. All you have to do is fasten the pre-assembled DIN-rail system to your panel and wire it up! Click here for more information on the terminal block rail assembly services provided by SCS.

4. Wire termination technology that set the standard

The clamp must reliably connect the wires, both mechanically and electrically, with an insulation material that keeps it safe for users.

Weidmuller is the acknowledged leader in wire termination technology, with three distinct types of terminations -- screw clamp, tension clamp, and insulation displacement clamp (IDC)

Screw clamp technology

The Weidmuller screw clamp works well with nearly all sizes and types of wire and requires no special wire preparation. Just strip the wire, insert it into the block, and tighten the screw clamp. The design deliers a secre and reliable connection that is second to none.

High Contact Force:

Even the best materials are not effective without the necessary contact force between the wire and the current bar. High contact force is achieved by the design of the Weidmuller screw clamp system. A torque of 6.02 in. lb (0.68 Nm) on the WDU 2.5 clamping yoke provides a contact force of 169 ft. lbs (759 Nm). Clamps with a low contact force allow the conductor to move or pull-out, with the potential for contamination of the connection point and increasing contact resistance.

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