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Touch Icebergs in the Tasman Glacier Terminal Lake

At 27km in length and 600m deep, the Tasman Glacier is New Zealand's longest glacier. It's the largest of several glaciers that flow south and east towards the Mackenzie Basin from the Southern Alps.

A rapid retreat

In 1973, Tasman Glacier had no terminal lake, but by 2008 the lake was 7km long, 2km wide, and 245m deep. It's predicted that the glacier will eventually disappear and the terminal lake will reach its maximum size in 10 to 19 years.

The Tasman Glacier is now in a period of accelerated retreat and the terminus is not only melting, but also calving. This has resulted in icebergs of every shape and size periodically tearing away from the glacier.

Touch 500-year-old glacial crystals

Glacier Explorers offer an amazing and rare encounter with one of the world's few glacial lakes that contain icebergs.

Learn about the ever-changing glacial landscape as you journey across the

terminal lake in a custom-built boat with an experienced guide. On either side, lateral moraines rear up almost 200m reminding you of the scale and greatness that the glacier has reached in previous times.

Glacier Explorers' boat tours operate between mid-September and late May.

Paddle alongside icebergs

Explore the nooks and grannies of the Mueller or Tasman Glacier Lakes with Glacier Sea-Kayaking. Suitable for both beginner and experienced kayakers. All trips are fully guided and Glacier Sea-Kayaking guides have a vast knowledge of the area and all its inhabitants!

Sea-Kayaking tours operate from early October until 30 April.

Hike and ski on the Tasman Glacier 

During the winter months you can also ski the Tasman Glacier with Charlie Hobbs and his guides or the team at Ski the Tasman. You don't need to be an expert skier to enjoy New Zealand's longest ski runs, the Tasman Glacier is ideal for intermediate and advanced skiers.

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