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Buffalo Central Terminal

The history and legacy of the Buffalo Central Terminal is an integral part of Western New York from pre-Depression through war time to the present and adaptive reuse.

Take a few moments and read all about the inception to present day of this National Landmark.  Then visit us for a more personal view.


Restoration has now started on this Landmark structure.  The Center for Restoration Arts & Sciences will have a significant and positive impact on Western New York and beyond.

Learn more about our processes and Leadership in attaining that goal and become part of the process by



If you’re a local business, professional service, trades union, family or individual, you can volunteer with the Buffalo Central Terminal and be part of this magnificent structure’s renaissance!

We’re always willing to share this unique learning experience with you if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves with us.  Just click “Discover.”

From Historical Tours, Annual Train Show, ParaHistory (Ghost tours with a twist) to Candlelight Tours you are all invited to experience the Terminal in so very many ways!

See what’s going on during restoration and witness progress in bringing back this National Landmark and our region’s most iconic architectural jewels.

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