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What are the components of a mission statement

what are the components of a mission statement

Template Instructions

1.      Read all instructions on the Template for detailed advice and tips.

2.      Never type in a red area unless otherwise noted.  Save frequent backup copies of this Template in case you do this by mistake.

3.      If you have a problem viewing any of your text on a long sentence, select the problem cell and use the text wrap feature. It can be found under the “home” tab on Excel 2007.  You may have to click wrap text twice (just a bug in Excel).

4.      To get your matrices and charts into Excel or Power Point, highlight them and then copy and paste special into Word or Power Point. If you don’t use paste special then it will not work properly.

5.      Paste special will give you several options, be sure to use the “MS Excel Worksheet Object” Option.  You must also

check “paste” or “paste link”

6.      The advantages of using the “paste link” option are as you change the data in Excel it will change in your Word or Power Point file provide both are open.   This is a nice feature as if you decide to change some data, you don’t have to paste special everything back over into Power Point or Word.

7.      The advantage of just using “paste” option is your file is not linked to Excel.  If something were to happen with Excel or MS Office wants to be temperamental on the day of your presentation, and you had checked the “paste link” option, then your data will not show on Word or Power Point.

8.      You may also use a program called Jing, found at to copy the matrices and save as jpeg files for later entry into Power Point. The program is free.

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