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What Are the Different Types of Earphones?


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There are various different kinds of earphones available on the market today, and with so many different choices, it is important that buyers know all they need to know about purchasing them. This guide will inform buyers about what an earphone is, the various types of earphones and the different styles they are available in, as well as give buyers suggestions on what to look for when buying earphones.

What are Earphones?

Earphones are basically speakers that are small enough to be used in or next to someone’s ears. Like the speakers on a radio or television, earphones are connected to a device that produces audio signals, either through a cable or through a wireless connection, and the sound travels to the speaker close to the user’s ears.

Types of Earphones

There are many different types of earphones. Each type of earphone is designed for a specific type of person who wants to get a particular quality of sound from the device. There are earphones that completely cover the ear

when being used and earphones that are simply put inside the ear. The design of the earphone affects its sound and comfort. The following are some earphones and the pros and cons of each.

Circumaural Earphones

These ear pad over the ear headphones, or circumaural earphones. are typically made to be used by professional musicians or sound engineers because the way the earphone is shaped improves the quality of the sound. Each of these earphones have pads that encircle the ears in order to contain the sound waves within the space between the ear and the ear pad making the earphone almost like a soundproof room. Filtering out the ambient sound, and trapping sound in, the molded plastic, rubber, or metal circumaural earphones are great for users who don’t want to be distracted by outside noises.

Though circumaural earphones have great uses, it is important for a buyer to look at the pros and cons of any earphone before making a decision. The following chart shows the pros and cons of the circumaural earphones.

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