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Indicators of Financial Abuse

what are the indicators of abuse

Substantial increase in account activity, particularly when a joint bank account has recently been established or someone is now assisting the individual with their finances

Person with a disability is accompanied by family, staff or others who appear to coax, or otherwise pressure, the individual into making transactions

Persons accompanying the individual speak for her/him, and do not allow the individual to speak or make decisions

Individual expresses concern that he/she does not have enough money for basic needs

Individual is confused about missing funds in accounts

Sudden increase in checking overdrafts

Unusually large cash withdrawals or transfers to other accounts from a joint bank account, without the individual's knowledge or consent

Individual cannot obtain checking or savings passbooks from person assisting with finances,

or passbook/checkbook are frequently missing

Individual signs blank checks, with large amounts filled in by another party

Someone else signs/forges individual's signature.

Individual complains that furniture, jewelry, credit cards, or other items are missing

Individual expresses fear that he/she will be evicted from home, or placed in an institution, if money is not given to caregiver

A Guardianship or Conservatorship is obtained for an individual who appears competent, and has recently been handling her/his own finances

Certificates of Deposit are withdrawn, incurring penalties by persons acting on behalf of the individual or the individual appears under duress to obtain cash for someone else

Caregiver seeks to cash the individual's disability or paycheck

The individual complains about not having access to her/his own money

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