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What are the reasons for hair loss

what are the reasons for hair loss

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Weight Loss

People who are obese who have fatty liver disease can start a weight-loss program to help treat fatty liver disease. Fat begins to accumulate when extra calories are consumed, so eating a lower-calorie diet and burning calories through exercise can help.

Avoiding Alcohol

People who develop fatty liver disease can see improvement in the condition if they stop consuming alcohol. If alcoholics continue to drink excessively, they could develop cirrhosis, an irreversible liver condition that leads to liver failure.

Eat Right

People with high triglycerides can try a cholesterol-friendly diet to try and bring levels down, thereby treating fatty liver disease. Prescription medications

can also help bring triglyceride levels into a healthy range.

Diabetes Control

Diabetics with fatty liver disease need to control their illness as best they can. The most important thing diabetics can do is regularly monitor blood-sugar levels, because insulin resistance can contribute to the development of fatty liver disease.

Healthy Lifestyle

No matter what the contributing factors to a person's fatty liver disease, living a healthy lifestyle can do a lot of good in treating the condition or preventing it from becoming worse. Eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise, getting enough rest and taking care of yourself can go a long way in helping people with fatty liver disease.

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