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Chest pain when i lean forward

chest pain when i lean forward

Question: Chest pain center of chest and below ribs. HELP. any info.

Well here is my situation any help anyone can offer at this point would be soo appreciated as this is ruining my way of life and has so for a while now.

Anyways heres my info:

30 year old male

non smoker

mild drinker

father of 2


history of anxiety (at least thats what the doctors keep telling me)

not very active anymore

Well about 2 months ago I was watching television and all of a sudden I had a sharp jolting pain in my upper left part of my chest. It felt like a pinch but only lasted 1 thrust then stopped.

I did not panic and thought little of it. Well a few days later again the pain happened again. This time it was followed by dizziness, sweating, nausea. hands tingling almost burning well. anxiety. So not having insurance and from my past experiences of running to the ER and being told its "anxiety " I let it go. Well a few days later at night things progressed a bit and I started hyper ventilating so I felt it was time to see my Doctor.

I go to my doctor and he does the throat, eyes, blood pressure, you know the basics and looks at me and says I have 2 ribs out of place. So he minipulates me and says he has put them back in place.But he does not do any X-Rays.

Next day I feel much better HUGE DIFFERENCE this lasts about 7 days then one day I started sneezing and sure enough I had the tighteness in my chest and pain again? I returned to my doctor only he was not there and another doctor at his practice had to see me, he spends all of 10 minutes lokking at me and

says I have a cold and he is gonna "relieve some pressure on my ribs" So he has me hold a pillow lay on my side then he crunches me in a way like he is trying to manipulate me also but I have never had it done this way.

Well heres where my new pain comes in since this I have been to my doctor 4 times in a month he just now did a EKG as I felt I had to be having a heart attack as this pain is persistant, it came back fine. He still has done NO X-Rays or blood work. He just manipulates me eack visit and it does relieve m pian for a few days but sure enough it comes right back. So heres the ppain I am having that is ruining my way of life seriously!

When standing there is very little if any pain at all

When sitting in a chair or in the car or such severe pain in the center of my chest along my sternum to the bottom of my rib cage

Pain feels like it is under my ribcage almost on my stomach are also

Pain is unbearable when laying on my back or sitting unless I lean forward.

I can see muscle contractions around my stomach I believe when the pain hits

Pain seems to occur when I breath completely out and at the second I am taking air back in ( reminds me of driving in a car and going over a hill and you "loose" your stomach? Only very painful like a cramp

Please if anyone has an idea please help as this is really causing me to go through a living nightmare I cant sit. I cant lay on my back only on my side (and it normally does not hurt when laying on my side at all)

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