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What are Units in Sports Betting?

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We are often asked what units are relative to sports betting. We're happy to explain that for you.

Units is a term used by sports handicappers, monitors and amateur handicappers posting in sports betting forums used in correspondence to record to show the actual amount of money won or lost relative to their win/loss record. We'll give you an example here:

Let's say you go to a pro handicapper's site and he states that he is 50-35 for +11.5 units on the season. Let's assume that he's calling a unit a $110 bet to win $100 on each game. At the standard -110 betting odds, he's more or less saying that he's won 50 games (50x$100=$5000.00) and lost 35 (35x-110= minus $3850.00.)

Since his unit is $100 and he's up 11.5 units,

this would state that he is beating the book for $1150 on the season.

Don't be confused though, a unit doesn't have to be $100. If your a small bettor which MANY are, your unit may be $10 with your bets risking $11 to win $10. In that case, you would be up 11.5 x $10 = $115.00.

On an unrelated note, if your units are only $10 you better not be out there hiring a handicapper to do your picks because his service is going to cost you more than he wins for you and that's even a big IF he wins!

If you have any further sports betting or handicapping related questions, feel free to drop us a line at Predictem (at)

Good luck in your action!

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