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UPS Brokerage Fees:The Truth Behind High International Charges

UPS brokerage fees are a considerable problem for our customers. Here at MM we apologize for the charges applied to packages shipped to our international customers, particularly those in Canada. We have had customers come to us and say they are paying hundreds of dollars for packages that cost less than half that. Trust us we are just as upset as you are! We no longer want you to suffer these extra charges from UPS and are currently investigating alternatives to get you our products for the proper costs. But first since we’re all about education here at MM we want to give you the opportunity to learn the truth behind UPS Brokerage Fees .

The Explanation of UPS Brokerage Fees

Blogger David Grant summarized the truth behind these ups brokerage fees perfectly so for the full story we suggest you read his article Avoid UPS Like the Plague .

As David explained he ordered a cable online the product itself cost 29.95$ and the total cost with shipping was 40.69$. He was unable to sign for the package right at the door so UPS left him a note saying he owed an additional 22.01$ in brokerage fees.

David was outraged, that charge was 73% over the original price and 54% of the total cost. Upon further investigation he discovered that some of this charge was the UPS Entry Preparation Charges.  These preparation charges range based how much you were

charged for your package. David fell in the 40$-100$ dollar range and this explained why he was charged an extra 19.45$ charge plus taxes making the total brokerage fee 22.01$.

However, David realized that the 2.45$ of tax was the actual duties charged by the Canadian government. Which meant that the 19.45$ went straight to UPS!

The Class Action Lawsuit Against UPS

There is currently a Class Action Lawsuit against UPS regarding these brokerage fees. Basically, the lawsuit claims that UPS failed to obtain consumer consent to act as a customs broker. They did not disclose the existence and/or amount of the brokerage fee.  In fact if  you try to get around this fee, they fail to provide the customer with information about how to arrange for custom clearance themselves or that such as option even exists.

For further information about this lawsuit visit: SISKINDS: The Law Firm. We encourage any of our Canadian customers who have been abused by these brokerage fees to do so.

Here, at Morrocco Method, we would like to give our customers the best support possible when ordering our products and currently looking for the best way to ship our products to you and avoid this charges. A number of websites describe ways to get around these fees for please consult them for further information.

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