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What balance of payment

what balance of payment


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Review the billing process

Know the who, when, where and how of your bill
  • UVM sends all student bills electronically. Students will receive bill notification e-mails sent to their UVM e-mail address. If you have not set up a UVM email address yet, you can do so online. and should do so immediately so that you do not miss important bills and due dates.
  • UVM bills are sent to the student and to any Proxies the student has set up for bill access. Parents and other parties who wish to receive the bill must be set up with Proxy Access by the student and authorized to access to accounts receivable information. To grant Proxy Access, login to the Student Portal. On the "Student Financial Services" page, select "set up SFS proxy access and manage authorizations."
  • Tuition bills will generally be issued after you register for classes. For most students, charges are due before classes begin. Bills are issued monthly to reflect any recent activity on your account. Review our scheduled bill dates.
  • View your bill (login to the myUVM Portal)

Review and respond to your bill
  • Your account is due in full by the due date printed on the statement. If your statement due date says "due upon receipt" payment is considered due immediately. If you are unable to pay your account in full, you must contact Student Financial Services by the due date and make acceptable arrangements to pay in full. We are unable to extend the due date and there is no grace period.
  • If your bill shows a zero balance or credit balance (indicated by a "CR" next to the amount listed as "Please Pay This Amount"), then your bill is considered settled. If you agree with the resources listed on your bill, no action is needed. Do contact our office if you disagree with any resources listed on your bill (ie: If we have listed a loan on your bill which you plan to decline). If any financial aid shows as "pending" on your bill, make sure you have taken the appropriate steps to finalize your financial aid.
  • If your bill shows a balance in the "Please Pay This Amount" section, ACTION IS REQUIRED! Payment or satisfactory payment information must be received before the due date of the bill. Please review the "Payment & Acceptable Payment Arrangements" section below.
  • Failure to respond to the bill with payment or payment information to cover the entire amount may result in a $250 late payment fee and a hold on the student's record, preventing access to grades, transcripts and registration.
  • Review any messages on your bill.
  • If you have questions about charges on your bill, review our "common charges " page first.

Make your payment or make acceptable payment arrangements
  • If you or a third party (including 529 plan payments) are paying your bill in full: Your payment must be received by 4 p.m. on the bill due date. The bill due date is not a post-mark due date. View payment addresses or detailed information about payment methods. If you are making your payment within 10 days of the due date, we strongly recommend you consider our electronic payment options. View third party billing for more information.
  • If your bill will be paid by financial aid: Your financial aid award must be finalized and accepted and you must have enough accepted financial aid to cover your full bill. Make sure your financial aid award is accepted and then e-mail Student Financial Services ( ) before the bill due date to notify us that you have accepted sufficient aid to cover your bill.

    If your financial aid award is not finalized by the payment due date, your student account balance is considered to be due in cash. It is important to apply for financial aid and supply requested information early because bill due dates will not be extended while you wait for a financial aid award.

    If your aid award is not finalized but you cannot afford the full balance, you may wish to establish a payment plan with Tuition Management Systems. The

    payment plan could then be revised once your financial aid award is determined. Contact TMS by phone at (800) 722-4867 or online at .

  • If your bill will be paid by a TMS payment plan: Make sure that your payment plan with TMS is sufficient to cover all charges due to UVM and then notify Student Financial Services that a payment plan has been established. TMS does not have access to a student's bill and will set up your payment plan for the amount you authorize — even if this is less than the actual amount due UVM. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the payment plan is sufficient to cover all charges due.

    If your bill reflects your TMS payment plan but still shows a balance due, then your payment plan is not sufficient to cover all charges. Call TMS at 1-800-722-4867 or Student Financial Services to adjust your payment plan.

  • If your bill will be paid by external scholarships: Financial aid recipients should contact SFS to determine whether an external scholarship will impact other financial aid. Please notify SFS that you will not be making payment due to the external scholarship(s).
  • If you are making a partial payment and the remaining amount will be covered by financial aid, monthly payment plan and/or external scholarships:
    • If you are paying by paper check, fill out the remittance form on the bill to notify our office of the other sources of assistance which will be matched with your payment. The amount of your payment plus the amounts noted on the remittance form should equal the amount due as listed on the bill.
    • If you are paying online by e-check or credit card through the UVM SFS website, when entering your payment amount online you will have the opportunity to note other sources of assistance which will be matched with your payment. The amount of your payment plus the amounts of assistance you list online should equal the amount due on your bill.

    Common Misconceptions
    Some common misconceptions about billing:
    • "As long as my bill is post marked by the due date, I won't be charged the late fee."
      • Incorrect. We put the 4:00 p.m. deadline on the bill to emphasize the required receipt of payment rather than a postmark date. We do not actually get the envelopes from the payments that are mailed in, as payments are sent directly to the bank for expedited processing. Should the need arise, electronic check payments are available for last minute payments or you can overnight your payment directly to our office: University of Vermont

      Student Financial Services

      223 Waterman Building

      85 South Prospect Street

      Burlington, VT 05405
    • Please do not send overnight payments to the P.O. Box address listed on the bill.
  • Another misconception is that another office at UVM should have the information as to how the bill will be paid. While that may be true, with so many students, we can not conceivably share this kind of information about each of our students. Therefore we rely on you to share this information with us.
  • When the bill or a portion of the bill will be paid by loans, outside or private scholarships, 529 plans, trust funds or monthly payment plans, students and families may be told that the funds will arrive on or around our due date. Please do not assume this will happen. Respond to the bill telling us exactly how and in what amount these resources will be. We are looking for you to partner with us and let us know how the bill will be paid.
  • When more than one party is paying on a student's account, all payments must be received by the due date to be considered on time.
  • Each semester we receive calls from people requesting bill due date extensions. While we understand that there may be extenuating circumstances that might make paying on time difficult, we are unable to extend the bill due date for one person as it would be unfair to the rest of our students.
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