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Can Allergy/Sinus Cause Constant Head Pressure and Tinnitus?

what can cause loss of balance

Background: Retired from the Army in Nov and had a complete physical. Everything was fine except for lower back degenerative disk diease and mild hearing loss. All bloodwork was normal. Took a job in Iraq where I am currently. Arrived in Feb. In Jun, I was sick with extreme fatigue, headaches, and dizziness. Saw a doctor in Jul and was given OTC headache meds. They did bloodwork that came back normal. Since that time I have had daily head pressure and tinnitus. The tinnitus comes and goes and can be really loud and annoying. Visited another doctor in Sep who thought it might be an allergic reaction and was given zyrtec for a month. No change with the head pressure. Saw an ENT in Oct who feels that it just a left-over from whatever made me ill in Jun and thinks it will get better with time. Have had this for 5 months.

Nov 19, 2006

Hi- There are a couple topics in this forun that seem to be similar. One thing that is a different approach I'll suggest is neck problems. It took me seeing 2 different ENTs

and all the other specialists for me to even open up to the idea that it might be my neck. I had a clean CT and MRI and was on antibiotics without much gain. I'm not sure my neck is causing 100$% of my problems, but its a least a contributing factor.

See this page:

Try to put pressure on various points on your neck around the sternocleidomastoid muscle and see how that affects the way you feel. You could try to see a Physio and have a bit of therapy on your neck. I usually don't go for Physios and Chiros, but the last couple of weeks I have. It seems to be helping. I even had the PT do acupuncture on my neck. I have never tried that, but it seems to release some of the tension.

Anyway, it still might be allergies or an infection, but I want people to know that this is another possiblity that medical doctors will overlook often. Like I said, I'm not 100% sold on the idea, but I'm convienced enough to keep going to the PT and chiro.

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