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My iPhone nightmare

how do you forward a text on iphone

Have you ever felt like you’re in a nightmare and want to wake up?

That’s how I felt when my iPhone slipped out of my pocket and landed down the toilet.

My iPhone is one of my most precious possessions. It’s my lifeline.  I use it to write notes for article ideas, store photos, save all my family and friends’ contact details, keep sentimental text messages (don’t ask) and much more.

I’m sure you can imagine my horror when the unthinkable happened.

Panic time

My mind went into shock mode after I realized what had happened.

I grabbed a towel and tried to dry my phone. The screen suddenly went black. I then tried to switch the phone on and off.

Nothing happened! It was dead.

It was time for some serious action. I snatched the hair dryer out of its box. I urgently blow-dried the phone on high heat for ten minutes. It felt like an eternity.

Desperation and panic set in.

I put the charger in my iPhone, plugged it into the wall socket and switched on the phone.

It was still dead!

“I don’t believe it. Now what am I going to do?” I sat there staring at the phone willing it to turn itself on and come back to life.

Suddenly an idea popped into my mind. Excitedly I thought, “I’ll Google for a solution.”

The rice treatment

I found a lot of advice on Google on how to repair or restore a water damaged iPhone.

The first few warnings I read were, ‘Under no circumstances should you switch the phone on or off. Do not touch any buttons! Do not blow dry your iPhone on high heat. Do not try to charge it or it may short-circuit. Electricity and water do not mix’.

My heart sank!

I messed up big time. I did all the things I shouldn’t have done.

Anyway, I carried on reading the advice.

What did I have to lose?

What I read next made my heart leap for joy.

These were some of the instructions for water damaged iPhones:

  • Put some rice in a zip lock bag or plastic food container.
  • Put the iPhone in the middle of the bag or container. Make sure the rice covers the phone.
  • Place the container/bag in an airing cupboard or on a sunny window sill. It will need some sort of heat.
  • If your iPhone was only in the water for a few seconds, leave it in the rice for 3 days. However, if it was in for longer, you may have to leave it for up to 7 days.
  • Do not switch it on until the moisture has totally dried out.
  • The rice will draw out the moisture from the phone.

I followed the instructions and placed my iPhone in a food container with some rice. I put it in the airing cupboard because it’s the warmest place in my house.

At the end of the fourth day, I took my phone out of the container and shook off the rice grains.

I checked it over carefully to make sure it was dry. I couldn’t see any signs of water or moisture.

I crossed my fingers and switched it on.

Nothing happened!

I put the charge in and pressed the ‘on’ button.

Still nothing!

I left it charging for about 15 minutes. Suddenly, I heard a sound.

My iPhone came on! I couldn’t believe it. Everything worked normally just like it did before it fell down the toilet.

I was so relieved, I could have cried.

So if you drop your iPhone down the toilet or in water, try the rice treatment. It worked for me. It may work for you too!

Have you ever dropped your iPhone in water? What did you do to restore it?

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