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What causes hair loss in women

what causes hair loss in women


a person with light-colored hair and fair complexion. — xanthochroid, xanthochroous, adj.


  1. The abundance of his hair gives the impression that his head is not fully developed, or with time has shrunk —Wright Morris
  2. Bangs down over her forehead like a sheepdog’s —Margaret Atwood
  3. Bangs jitter across her forehead like magnets —Susan Minot
  4. Bangs … like overcooked bacon —Ann Beattie
  5. Black hair hung like a river about her shoulders —Helga Sandburg
  6. Braid of hair … like a thick black snake —Ann Petry
  7. A crest of stiff white hair, like a prophet or a cockatoo —Ellen Currie
  8. Golden hair fountaining around her shoulders like spilled beer —Paige Mitchell
  9. Hair … as smooth and shining as a backbird’s wing —John Braine
  10. Hair … auburn and abundant, like a well-nourished orangutan’s coat —James Morrow
  11. Hair … bright and garish as brass —Margaret Millar
  12. Hair floated around my face like wet gauze —Sue Grafton
  13. Hair flying like a pennant —Paul Theroux
  14. Hair foamed around her head like a dandelion cloud —Julia O’Faolain
  15. Hair [red] … gleaming like the sand streaked with sunset —Marguerite Young
  16. (Gray) hair grows out of my skin like rot on an ancient tree —Anon Irish verse
  17. Hair hanging straight as nylon cord —Alfred Gillespie
  18. Hair … its fine smooth loops, like slabs of snow, hung low on her cheeks —Gustave Flaubert
  19. Hair like a field in bloom —T. Coraghessan Boyle
  20. Hair like dry ashes —Maureen Howard
  21. Hair like metal in the sun —Dorothy Parker
  22. Hair … like ripe wheat —Nelson Algren
  23. Hair like spilled barley —T. Coraghessan Boyle
  24. Hair … like the rumpled wig of a clown —Hallie Burnett
  25. Hair … moving under her comb like a muscular skin —Gary Gildner
  26. (Whitish) hair pointy and close as a burr or a sunflower when the seeds have been picked out of it —Saul Bellow
  27. (The girl’s black curly) hair shone like an eclipsed sun —Carol Ascher
  28. [Blonde] hair shone like well-polished old silver —F. van Wyck Mason
  29. (White) hair smooth as a bird’s breast —Raymond Chandler
  30. Hair spread out like feathers —Jayne Anne Phillips
  31. Hair … straight and sleek, and lay like black satin against her forehead —Vita Sackville-West
  32. Hair … thin and white and very short, laid over her skull like a placemat —Helen Hudson
  33. Hair tumbled about her like a veil —Jean Stafford
  34. Hair which resembled a horse’s mane … was like filaments of the brightest gold of Araby —Miguel de Cervantes
  35. Hair which was long and smooth on either side of her face, like the shut wings of a raven —Mary


  36. Heavy chestnut hair hanging like a cloak about her shoulders —Marge Piercy
  37. Heavy straight hair swinging behind like a rope —Eudora Welty
  38. Her hair fell in bright ripples like a rush of gold from the ladle of a goldsmith —Stephen French Whitman
  39. Her hair burned about her like a molten copper —Maurice Hewlett

In the original simile the hair was ‘aburned.’

  • Her hair drooped round her pallid cheeks, like seaweed on a clam —Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
  • Her hair fell across her shoulders like a nun’s veil —Sue Grafton
  • Her hair … ran smooth like black water through her hands —Ross Macdonald
  • Her long, dark hair fell across her eyes like stray crayon marks —Joan Hess
  • Her long hair hung as straight as rain —Jean Stafford
  • Her wet hair lay flat as a second skin —Helen Hudson
  • His hair glittered like a skull cap of beads —Miles Gibson
  • His hair rose in an unruly swirl, like the topknot of some strange bird —John Yount
  • His hair slicks back, like a baby’s or a gangster’s … shiny as a record album —Lorrie Moore
  • His hair stood upright like porcupine quills —Boccaccio
  • His thin gray hair lay on his scalp like moulting feathers —John Cheever
  • A light fringe of hair, almost like frost —Joyce Carol Oates
  • A lock of black hair lay on his forehead like a leech —Jean Stafford
  • Nearly as hairy as a dog —John Yount
  • Peroxide hair like rope ravelings —Paul J. Wellman
  • Pomaded hair slicked back like shiny Naugahyde —Paul Kuttner
  • The thick black hair of his chest forced its way out of the opening [of his shirt] like a jungle growth seeking sunlight —Harvey Swados
  • A thick sprinkling of dandruff, like a fall of flour, on the shoulder of her blouse —Ruth Rendell
  • Thick yellow hair … like a palm thatch —Jean Stafford
  • Tumbling loose dark hair like a wet mop —George Garrett
  • Uncombed hair hung about her face like an old dog’s —H. E. Bates
  • Untidy hair like a lion’s mane —Barbara Pym
  • The wild hair of his head bloomed like fallen snow —Z. Vance Wilson
  • Wisps of hair, like sunburst grass hanging over eyes as clear as pale grey crystals —Edith Wharton
  • With his tangled mane and beard, he looked like some ridiculous lion out of a bestiary —Wallace Stegner
  • Pale brushed heads like candles burning in the summer sunlight —John Updike
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    Each of the thread-like things growing on your head and body is a hair. You can refer to several of these things as hairs .

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