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Treating Hair Loss and Premature Grey Hair

what causes male hair loss

Hereditary hair loss and premature greying are some of the most common genetic conditions, as more than two billion people on earth will be affected by them at some point in their lives. Hereditary baldness, in men also known as male pattern baldness, is not exclusively a male concern. An estimated 25% of women suffer from female pattern baldness but, since their hair loss is diffuse, it is not as easily recognisable as the male form.

Because genetics play a decisive role in both of these conditions, no completely satisfactory solution exists yet. Despite that, billions of dollars are spent annually on diverse anti-grey hair and hair-regrowth products, with 90% of them being scams. To separate the grain from the chaff is a time-consuming job. This guide exists to save you time by offering useful info and tips for

your research into the potency of available hair treatments.

Basics of Hair Loss and Grey Hair Explained

Find out about hair's growth cycles, the main causes of hair loss and white hair and different types of alopecia

Guide to the Most Suitable Hair Loss Treatments

Learn how to identify hair scams, avoid common mistakes and find the most suitable remedies for your premature greying and thinning hair

Hair Transplantation Learning Centre

Get first hand info on hair surgery issues, recommended hair transplantation techniques and instructions on finding an experienced hair transplant surgeon

What is Hot and What is Not

Read about recommended hair restoration therapies and find the best deals on products for your greying and receding hair

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