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What causes short term memory loss

what causes short term memory loss

Why take a Memory Screening?

    The most comprehensive online memory screenings known to exist on the Internet. A "short" version of the screening is also available for persons experiencing time constraints or who prefer a briefer memory screening.

Specifically designed to aid in the identification of human memory loss and memory impairments, which may be related to Alzheimer's disease, dementia, mild cognitive impairment, or a diversity of other causes.

May provide "peace of mind" to persons concerned about memory loss, but whose online memory test performances are all within normal limits.

The online memory tests were developed and scientifically evaluated by university-affiliated, licensed clinical neuropsychologists who specialize in memory processes and memory loss assessment.

Screens seven aspects of

both short-term verbal and visual memory processes. Similar short-term memory tests are commonly used in clinical practice.

The very affordable $14.99 cost of a "full" online memory screening (or $9.99 for the "short" version) is below practically all insurance co-payments and much lower than the cost of similar memory testing conducted in the offices of clinical neuropsychologists.

Every paid online memory screening includes a printer-friendly individualized Memory Screening Report that interprets each participant's memory test scores into easily understandable terms and in relation to his/her chronological age.

The online memory tests are easy to understand and require only basic computer/Internet skills to complete.

To obtain an overview of our memory tests and begin the memory screening process, please click on the icon below:

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