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What causes tooth bone loss

what causes tooth bone loss

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Treat the gum disease that is causing the loose teeth. A procedure called scaling and root planing is the most common treatment for periodontal disease. It is done to remove the plaque and calculus (also known as tartar) that contribute to periodontal disease. This procedure may only be done by a dentist, periodontist or dental hygienist. It prevents further loosening of the tooth and fixes any loose teeth by treating the gums, which allows them to fit more securely around the teeth.

Consider taking an antibiotic. This should be used in addition to scaling and root planing. The most common one used is doxycycline. The primary function of doxycycline is to treat bacterial infections and slow the growth of bacteria. This will increase the health of the gums, which will help to prevent and treat bone loss.

Use a splint to secure the loose tooth by joining it to a stronger tooth. One way

dentists do this is to use resin to bond the loose tooth to the stronger one. Teeth that are splinted will require more frequent maintenance and increased attention to dental hygiene.

Consult with a periodontist about the possibility of flap surgery. You are a good candidate for this surgery if your gums have been resistant to other treatment for gum disease. With the surgery, the gums are lifted and tartar that is deep within the gums is removed. The periodontist will then suture the area so that the gums tightly wrap around the loose teeth.

Consider receiving bone and tissue grafts to encourage the growth of new bone and tissue. This is usually done in addition to flap surgery. One way this is done is that the periodontist inserts a piece of mesh fabric next to the bone as well as the gums. This encourages the bone and tissues to regrow. This will help to fix any loose teeth.

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